The website provides the latest update on the latest property launches in Singapore. The units are directly from sale from the developer and represents the lowest price possible especially during the preview launching period for VVIPs.

Real Estate in Singapore is still in great demand as the city state holds strong fundamentals and it has been proven that the real estate property prices in Singapore has always been increasing in the long term capital pours in to hold tangible assets as well as holding it to pass on to the next generation. It is considered a safe haven and property prices tend to be a good class of asset to fight inflation. Most of the wealthy in Singapore has assets in real estate as a proven way to preserve their wealtk

Every new launch is marketed by the developer sales team which is appointed by the developer to conduct sales for the project. The developer sales team has the latest information as well as the most comprehensive product knowledge with respect to the development and will be able to guide the prospective buyer in selecting a unit that best align with their interest and family size.

A developer sales agent also will be able to list the best possible price and no fees will be involved. The developer will compensate the agent for their services directly.