Angelyn Wong relishes transforming small spaces into welcoming homes

Filled with a sense of fulfilment, experienced interior designer Angelyn Wong started her career at Rezt+Relax right after graduation. After an apprenticeship of one year with one of the company’s creative leads, Angelyn is now a senior designer and still excited about her work. She designs interiors for smaller units and finds it to be a challenging but equally rewarding task.

An example of one of her projects is the creation of a hotel-like space for an overseas customer. Starting with a short brief, Angelyn explored various hotels in the world before designing the luxurious suite. While the bathrooms and kitchen were already furnished, she built cabinets into the wall next to the kitchen for additional storage and incorporated a standing bar with high chairs for casual dining. To create a maximalist feel without taking up more space, Angelyn used different textures on walls and finishings. Warm lighting panels on the stepped hidden ceiling were accompanied by bronzed mirrors in the dining space to make the area appear larger. Additionally, little accents of colours were added throughout the apartment to bring complexity to the space.

The bedrooms were designed with calming ambience in mind, using darker wood tones and shades of grey. To create a seamless and continuous feel, Angelyn applied the same texture on the walls to the supporting beams. Roman blinds were also added to soften the space and match its tones. The result was an apartment that was stunning in style and has a grand presence within a dense unit.

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Angelyn Wong’s projects exemplify the importance of creating a balance between space utilisation and an inviting living environment. From her design of the Gramercy Park apartment, it is clear that Angelyn is a creative designer who is able to bring a client’s brief to life. Her attention to detail and use of colours and textures are impressive, and her dedication to her craft is demonstrated in her twelve years with Rezt+Relax. Experience her outstanding work for yourself – Rezt&Relax Interior Design Hotline.

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