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Green Options for Commercial Construction

Green is good. Even the color green has a positive effect on the eyes. Green symbolizes life and serenity. Whether to cut energy costs, make a sustainability statement, or a combination of both, the encouraging movement toward eco-friendly construction is in demand and on the rise amongst businesses. Most buildings constructed before the green program […]

Staying Near to Hospitals

Being located near to hospitals is also a consideration that buyers are looking at when selecting a property. There are many benefits of being located near to hospitals and health care amenities as should there be an emergency that occurs, hospital care is easy accessible and no issues such as traffic and long travel times […]

Advantages of Living Near to Shopping Centres

One of the most important thing when selecting a property is its location. Location near to shopping centres are definitely a plus point when it comes to location and therefore many investors main consideration when selecting a development is its proximity to shopping centres. Condo Launch location is one of the most highly sought after […]

Nearby Shopping Centres

Orchard Road is a world-class shopping street that is located in the Central Area of Singapore. Consisting of several state-of-the-art commuter stop/pick-up-points, restaurants, shopping centers and/or malls, not to mention tourist attractions, this 2.2 kilometer long street is the ideal place for commuters, diners, shoppers, entrepreneurs, and visitors. Prominent Underground MRT Stations Examples of the […]

Located Near to Schools

One of the main reasons in the selection of a property is its proximity near to schools. Being located near to school brings a wide range of conveniences for the residents of the development. The District is considered a top choice when it comes to property selection as there are many top tier schools that […]

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Getting Your Home Ready For Spring

It’s finally spring and you may be wondering what to do with the bleak, brown space called a yard. Beautifying your yard can not only be satisfying, but well-placed shrubs, trees, flowering plants and an attractive lawn can increase your property’s value. Avid gardeners may already have been out with their hoes, planting seeds that […]