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Are Private Condominiums Furnishings Better than Executive Condominiums

The first thing to consider when looking for a condo is the furnishing options available to you. While executive condominiums generally come with higher furnishings, private condominiums often offer more affordable options. Most of these homes require a minimum occupancy period and cannot be rented immediately after completion. However, there are some advantages to private condos that make them an appealing option. Here are a few things to consider when looking for the best condo for you.

Private condos are typically more expensive than ECs. The leasehold price of a private condo will be 20 percent higher than the equivalent EC. In contrast, ECs are significantly more affordable than their counterparts. As a result, they are a good choice for investors. Although they have a lower price tag than ECs, some banks will only loan you a certain amount.

While there are several advantages to buying an executive condominium, the overall cost of a private condo is significantly higher. If you have a large mortgage, you’ll be paying more for furnishings and amenities. If you have to rent, you’ll probably want to opt for a private condo. You’ll have more options, and you’ll be less likely to have to worry about a mortgage.

The main benefit of owning an EC is its amenities. Most of them have a gym, swimming pool, and other amenities. Monthly service fees for an EC are typically around $250. HDB flats tend to have lower service fees, and you’ll likely pay less than $100 a month. And because ECs are privately owned, you’ll have 24 hour security. You can also rent a function room for parties and other events.

Purchasing an executive condominium will also cost you less than an executive condo. The leasehold of a private condominium will cost you about 20 percent more than an EC. Additionally, you can buy an additional property after MOP. You can also use your equity term loan to increase the value of your executive condominium. The first choice has more amenities, but it’s still cheaper than the second one.

ECs are a more expensive choice than executive condos. Compared to private condos, ECs are cheaper, and you’ll have more space and privacy. Choosing an EC is better for you if you’re a family or an investor. A private unit is much more likely to offer a greater number of benefits. If you’re looking for a private unit, it’s better for the environment.

When choosing a private condominium, the choice between ECs is not the same. In the case of ECs, the maintenance fee for ECs can be as high as $250 per month. HDB flats, on the other hand, can be bought for much less than 100 dollars a month. A private unit is a good option if you want to live in the city.

The ECs are less expensive than ECs. For example, ECs are less expensive than private condos. The ECs are located further away from city centers. Moreover, they are located far from public transport facilities. For this reason, many residents prefer to travel by private means. If you are a first-time buyer, you’ll need to get a leasehold in the private condo.

While private condominiums are less expensive than ECs, they can be a great deal more expensive. ECs are also often more spacious and can accommodate much larger furniture. The disadvantage is that they tend to be farther from amenities. They are often located in non-mature estates, which are far from public transport. As a result, residents usually prefer to use private transportation to get around the city.

In addition to the price, you will enjoy the convenience of living in a community. In addition to the proximity to other buildings, executive condos are more convenient and are often close to public transportation. They are also closer to the center of the city and have many amenities that are similar to those in private condos. In addition, executive condominiums are typically more affordable.


What Your Designer is Not Telling You On Your Home Renovation

When the time comes to start on your home renovation project, you are usually faced with a plethora of decisions. How can you make a decision without knowing what your contractor is not telling you? It becomes very difficult to make informed decisions when you don’t know what the contractors want to hear from you. But how do you find out what they are not telling you? Let’s examine what your contractor is not telling you about your home renovation.

First, let me say that what your contractor is not telling you about your home renovation is that you don’t need them. The designer isn’t an expert and he/she does not have all the answers that you do. If you hire someone to do a major renovation like a kitchen or bathroom or even a basement remodel and you change your mind after the work starts, the designer has no experience in doing what you want and the contractor may be facing major legal issues for what you are refusing to pay him/her for.

What your designer is not telling you about your home renovation is that you cannot get financing for what you are doing if you hire an inexperienced contractor to do it. The designer might have some ideas that could save money but he/she will most likely be working for the contractors bottom line and not yours. The result will be that you will have a substandard finished product that nobody wants. You cannot sell a house that nobody wants! If you have done your homework and followed the contractor’s plan, you should be able to negotiate a low price and get your loan approved. So if you are asking what your designer is not telling you about your renovation, this is what they are not telling you.

The fact of the matter is that most home renovation projects are successful, and the one thing that makes them fail is that they are planned poorly. Most people do not take the time to plan properly and this is why they are designing the home the way they are. What your designer is not telling you about your home renovation is that there are better ways of doing things that will result in a better end result. There are many contractors out there who will do an inferior job, so make sure that you find one first.

What your designer is not telling you about your home renovation is that they are very busy and they do not have a lot of time to take care of details. They have other clients to take care of and they might be putting all of their attention on the big project when it comes to smaller details that you as the client need. They might not be the best person to bring in a bid for your smaller items such as window trim and cabinets.

What your designer is not telling you about your home renovation is that they might try to get you to hire someone who is knowledgeable in the field. This can cost you money and may even mean that you compromise the quality of the finished project because the designer knows more about the work than you do. You want to make sure that the contractor you hire for the renovation is well-qualified and experienced, but if you need a knowledgeable contractor, try to find one yourself or bring in a third-party opinion. Sometimes a licensed contractor can come in and do an assessment of the renovation project, which can help you determine if certain aspects are too expensive or if you could do them yourself.

What your designer is not telling you about your home renovation is that they are trying to get you to spend more money than you want to. They may suggest that you hire a professional carpenter to do some of the work, but what they are really telling you is that you have the money to pay for their services. While you don’t always have to pay more for a professional service, you also don’t want to skimp on quality because you think it will be cheaper. It is important that you get what you need done because if you don’t, you will likely have to redo the project all over again.

Another thing that your designer is not telling you about your home renovation is that they may not offer any guarantee. Some companies offer a guarantee up front, but many do not. If the company offers a guarantee, find out what the terms of it are. It is important that you know what the company can do if something does go wrong with the project because if it is covered by the guarantee, you don’t have to worry about that. You also want to find out what the company offers in terms of support after the work is done. If you end up needing additional help, is it easy to get hold of them?

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Benefits of a Feature Wall at Home

When you are thinking about enhancing the overall look of your home, one of the things that should come to mind is the addition of a Feature Wall. It is an important part of the interior design when it comes to making the walls more appealing and giving your home that finished look that people are always wanting. In most cases, homes that do not have feature walls are considered to be very boring and there are many homeowners who complain about the fact that their homes are too dull and ordinary. However, by installing a Feature Wall in your home, you will be able to improve your home’s appearance and make it more appealing to prospective buyers, while at the same time increasing its value, too.

One of the best features of a wall is that it can add height to the walls. The wall is a great way to add some height to the floor. This is especially useful for those homes that do not have a lot of space on the ground floor. By using the wall as a means to hold plants, you will be able to create a more visually interesting element in your home. If you are interested in plants, you may want to purchase ones that are taller, or you can even have them implanted on the wall itself.

If you would like to enhance the wall’s functionality, you can choose to install some hooks, bars, or cabinets. These are perfect for holding small items such as lamps or even books. You will be able to save some space for other important items that you would like to display. When you are looking to enhance the functionality of the wall, remember that you do not want to overload it. There are plenty of places to hang your items so that it does not look like the wall is cluttered with items.

Another one of the main benefits of a feature wall is that it can make the home more energy efficient. The fact is that installing one of these walls in your home can greatly reduce the amount of heat that is absorbed by the surface of the home. This is because the lower areas of the wall are directly above where heat can be lost. With this type of arrangement, your heating expenses can go down significantly.

Some people may wonder why it is important to install a feature wall in their home. They may ask why it would not just be an open wall. Well, there are a number of benefits that are associated with having one of these walls installed. For example, a feature wall can make your home appear less cluttered. It may even give your home a more modernized appearance.

A feature wall is also much more durable than an ordinary wall. There are many types of materials that can be used to construct the wall. One of the most popular options is to use fiberglass. By using such a material, a feature wall will be much stronger than an ordinary wall. Also, this material is waterproof and does not corrode over time like some other materials may.

Finally, one of the most important benefits of a feature wall is the fact that it is an attractive addition to any home. You can have several of these walls built to add to the beauty of your home. They are also very easy to install, as they require very little space for installation. Most companies will be happy to come to your home and take measurements in order to determine what size you will need. They can then give you a price on the materials that you need.

There are a number of different benefits of a feature wall in your home. If you are looking to sell your home, or just trying to enhance its overall look, these features are perfect for both purposes. By installing one or more of these walls in your home today, you can increase the value of your home while providing your home with additional beauty.

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Green Features in Your Home Kitchen

If you want to go all the way and try to live environmentally, you might want to think about trying to incorporate some green features in your kitchen. You can find a lot of options for features at your local store or online. Some people will choose to go all out and do their whole kitchen a certain way that’s all green. Others still might just want to do things at a more basic level.

There are a lot of ways to cut back on your carbon footprint. For one thing, you could skip showering altogether. Most people use a lot of water when they’re taking a bath. Using a low water plan would be really good for saving money on the monthly electric bill.

Another big no-no is wasting water. You should use as much water as you can, whenever you can. This would mean doing everything from rinsing dishes to washing vegetables. Some homes have systems where all the water goes into one big storage tank so you don’t have to go peeing or washing the dishes.

You might also consider having a rain barrel. Rain water is free. It’s clean water that you can reuse. It might even have some nutrients in it that can help plants grow. If you have a lot of plants in your yard, this feature may not only save you money by not using any water for plants but also help to keep your lawn healthy.

You can also incorporate other water saving devices in your home. You can set up a sprinkler system so that you don’t have to use as much water when you’re trying to get rid of rain water. Instead, you can store the extra water until you need it. Then, you can just turn it on when you need it, like when it rains.

Another useful feature that you can add is a solar water heater. The sun will heat up the water so you can use it instead of wasting it by heating up the whole house. Even if you live in a warm climate, you may find yourself using less water if you have a solar heater because it will reduce your need for electricity.

If you want to reduce your water bill, but are concerned about rising demand, installing a green feature in your home is a great way to go. You can have a solar-powered water heater that will only use energy from the sun when it is shining. When it is cloudy or raining, the water pump will only work and so won’t use much power. Since this type of feature is relatively expensive, it may not be something you can do on your own.

Of course, you should also take other actions at home that can help your family save money. In order to save money, you need to make some changes. One simple thing you can do is to install insulation in rooms that don’t need it. This will keep your home warmer and you’ll be able to lower your heating and cooling costs. Another great green features to have in your home is energy efficient appliances and equipment that use less energy.

It is important to have a balanced effect when you install any of these features in your home. Too much of one feature or another can actually end up costing you more money in the long run. For instance, you should avoid putting windows with tint in a room where air conditioning is not needed. You should also avoid putting a heating unit or convection fan in a room where you plan to put on furniture. These items can both use more electricity than you realize and could end up costing you more money in the end.

Other green features for your home can include installing a motion detector light in your bathroom that turns on at dusk and turns off at dawn. This will save you on the power bill. A great way to save on energy bills and have an environment friendly home is to install solar panels. Your solar panels will collect sun energy and turn it into energy you use at night and when you are out of doors. Installing solar panels saves you money by lowering your electric bill and doesn’t harm the environment.

It can be easy to find a lot of green features to install in your home but you need to make sure that you research all the options available. Talk to a professional about what features would work best for you. You may also want to check out the Energy Star website for more information on the many energy saving features that are available.

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The Right Way to Clean Your Kitchen Countertop

If you have decided that it is time for you to clean your kitchen countertop, then you have come to the right place to find out what the correct method of cleaning is. As a kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house, it needs to be regularly cleaned to prevent food poisoning and to keep your kitchen looking appealing. So how do you clean a kitchen countertop? This article will explain the best way to clean any countertop.

First of all, before anything else, make sure that you turn off the electricity, gas or water supply in your kitchen countertop. This is very important as all three of these things can cause damage when cleaning. Secondly, use a sponge dipped in dish washing detergent and a scrubbing pad. Make sure that you give the surfaces of the kitchen countertop a good scrubbing. Use a product like dish soap to clean all the non-slip tiles in the sinks and floors, and the backsplash.

Next, use a steel wool pad or scouring pad to clean the backsplash. This is another good way to get all the grease and grime off the backsplash. It will also help you if you can put plastic bags over the sponge while you are cleaning so that the grime doesn’t get all over the countertop.

Another good technique for cleaning a kitchen countertop is to use baking soda. Baking soda is one of the easiest absorbents that you can use. Just mix it with water in a big bowl and you have your miracle product. Simply rub the baking soda all over the kitchen countertop, including the tops of the shelves and the backsplash. It will pick up all kinds of grease from the pots and pans.

If you have stainless steel appliances in your kitchen, you are going to need to scrub them down periodically. You can use a special stainless steel sponge to do this. You want to start by putting some of the kitchen countertop cleaner on the sponge and working your way up. When you get to the top, scrub the entire countertop and then rinse it off. Using a clean sponge and some lukewarm water will help get the remaining bits of the cleaner off the countertop.

If you have ceramic tile, there are still ways to effectively clean your kitchen countertop. You can still clean the grout using a stiff brush, but you want to be sure that you only get the hard surfaces of the grout out. You don’t want to clean the grout using soap or water because that can end up making your tiles look dirty in the long run. Instead, scrub the grout with a stiff brush and some lukewarm water. Then you want to rinse it off completely and let it dry.

If you have granite countertops in your kitchen, you still have a few options for how to clean the kitchen countertop. One thing that you can try is using a commercial granite cleaner. These cleaners are designed to be used on granite surfaces. They contain surfactants that help lift the dirt that is stuck on the surface of the granite and get it off. It is important to completely wipe down the countertop after you clean it with the cleaner to ensure that it will be as good as new.

If you have copper kitchen countertops, you can also use hot soapy water and a stiff brush to clean them. You should only use cold water if you have stainless steel appliances in your kitchen. Copper kitchen countertops stain very easily and they can even discolor and yellow over time. Therefore, you want to be sure that you completely dry and sanitize the countertop after you clean it. It is important to wipe it down very carefully because discoloration and staining can happen if not completely dried and sanitized. After you completely dry and sanitize your copper kitchen countertops, you will find that they are much easier to keep clean and look great.

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Eco Friendly Cleaning Products For Your Home

If you are thinking of having a clean home, there are a lot of Eco Friendly Cleaning Products available out there. These Eco friendly cleaning products can be used to keep your home clean, safe, and healthy. The use of these Eco friendly cleaning products can be really helpful, especially if you want to cut down the amount of toxic waste that you produce in your home. These Eco friendly cleaning products can help to reduce the amount of toxic waste that is produced in your home.

Eco friendly cleaning products are also great for the environment. Since these products are made with Eco ingredients, they are considered as more environmentally friendly. This means that you are not doing more harm to the environment, but you are doing what you can to help preserve the environment for future generations. Eco products can really help to make your home a better place to live in.

With the number of harmful chemicals that are being used in homes on the rise, it is essential to look for Eco friendly cleaning products. There are many toxic substances that are being used on a regular basis. The average homeowner does not realize just how much they are putting into their home. Many homeowners do not know that all of these products can be harming the environment and the health of their families. They often do not have an idea how the harmful chemicals enter the environment in the first place. These products can easily be found, and there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing Eco friendly products.

There are a number of natural cleaning products available. These products do not contain any toxic or harmful substances that could hurt you or the environment. Eco friendly products for cleaning do not contain anything that would harm the air quality in your home. Many of the products are actually organic and do not contain any synthetic chemicals.

The average person is more conscious than ever before about what is going into their home. Eco friendly cleaning products are one way that people are trying to stay as healthy as possible. People are tired of being exposed to toxins, and they want to change the type of things that are entering their home.

There are a number of different products available. If you search online, you will find that you can find a lot of information about the chemicals that are present in various products. If you can avoid using products with high levels of toxic materials, you will be able to save the environment and possibly your life. By changing the products that you use you can dramatically change the environment in your home. There are a number of different products available, and you will likely be surprised at just what you can find.

Some of the most popular friendly cleaning products are ones that are made from natural ingredients. Eco friendly products are becoming more common because people want to do what they can to save the environment. You may have to do some research, but it will be worth it to avoid creating problems in the world around you.

When it comes to eco friendly cleaning products, there are a number of different types to choose from. One of the most popular choices is green cleaners. These products use natural ingredients to keep the surfaces in your home looking great. You can find a variety of different products, and you will likely be able to find the one that suits your needs the best. By using these types of products you are doing your part to help the environment, and you will feel great knowing that you are doing so.

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NUS’ two buildings to pilot electronic remedies to improve energy efficiency standards

The National University of Singapore (NUS) will certainly pilot SP Group’s digital solutions to enhance energy effectiveness requirements.

This follows SP Group has actually been awarded by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) a grant “to create as well as carry out innovations and digital options to push the limits of buildings’ power efficiency requirements” under the Green Buildings Innovation Cluster (GBIC) Programme.

In a release on Wednesday (16 June), BCA exposed that the digital power options would be set up at 2 buildings in NUS’ University Town (UTown)– namely the Stephen Riady Centre and the Education Resource Centre– in the initial fifty percent of 2022.

The structures feature different groups of spatial usage like mentor rooms, workplaces, commercial occupants as well as sporting activities facilities, enabling SP to check the services on various areas.

The services comprise an online electronic website along with an expert system (A.I.) powered mobile application tool.

The site allows individuals to track the structure’s aggregated electrical power and water consumption, consisting of the resulting carbon emissions, enabling them to recognize methods to lower their energies use and carbon footprint.

” The website will include sophisticated data analytics to assist structure operators to strategy and also attain extra efficient structure monitoring by providing workable recommendations on conserving power and also an A.I. made it possible for anomaly discovery function to avoid power wastage,” claimed BCA.

The SP Utilities App will certainly likewise include an “At the office” feature, which is focused on boosting the sustainability experience of passengers by providing them personal energy data to help them better comprehend the consumption performance of the building.

Moreover, passengers will be encouraged to adopt green behaviour via gamification like quizzes, energy saving challenges, benefits, tips and suggestions on saving power.

” Decarbonisation is a cumulative initiative and we are at the forefront of allowing this paradigm change with our staminas in integrated smart power options. Leveraging digitisation and large information evaluations, we can make it possible for all building stakeholders to drive favorable change at range,” said Stanley Huang, Group Chief Executive Officer of SP.

” With the support of BCA as well as developing operators, we will certainly create user-centric options to progress next-gen environment-friendly, energy-efficient structures, and produce green neighborhoods that will certainly increase a carbon neutral future for Singapore.”

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Double Glazing Properties for Energy Green Homes

Double Glazing Properties for Energy Green Homes

Double Glazing Properties for Energy Green Homes

Many people prefer to buy an older house rather than a new build. Older houses tend to have more character when compared to new builds and they are often built to a much higher standard. Older houses were built to last, new builds just seem to be built to look nice and sell fast… and then fall apart!

However, these older properties usually need some updating and TLC. It’s not often you’ll find an older house that needs no work done to it but this is part of the attraction. Unfortunately many of these old houses are less than efficient when it comes to keeping warm! They were built in a time of open fires and outside toilets… People were just generally a hardier bunch back then!

Fitting double glazing is a priority for old houses that don’t have this already fitted and as such this is one of the first home improvements you should carry out. Make sure you plan ahead and estimate the cost of fitting double glazing before you buy! Keep in mind that you will want the new windows to match the style of the house, modern meets classic can look great if it’s done well but is an eyesore if it’s not!

The house may already have double glazing but you should still have a look at the energy performance certificate to make sure that it’s up to todays standards. There are huge savings to be made by fitting energy efficient windows. This could be a saving of hundreds each year!

Sometimes you won’t be able to or want fit double glazing due to various considerations such as the listed status of the building or not being able to find suitable windows that match the look of the house.

Many people choose to fit a secondary glazing instead.

If possible you should consider fitting double glazing as this is a more efficient way to keep the heat in, however if the building is listed you may not have that option. It should be easy enough to find double glazing that matches the style of your property, many manufacturers are aware of this need and produce glazing to suit all styles and eras.

If you are on a budget then just do the windows that matter the most, this could be the front of the house if you’re just looking to sell or maybe the most frequently used rooms if this is going to be your home.

So be sure to shop around and you should be able to find windows that not only look great but also perform well.

There is growing concern over the use and consumption of energy sources. The cost of electricity and oil continue to rise every year. It became necessary to find ways how to use energy efficiently. The Energy Star initiative came into existence with this goal in mind. This initiative has several aims including the manufacturing and use of energy efficient products, protecting the environment by utilizing energy efficient practices and save money on electricity.

Every year the costs of electricity and petrol continue to rise. People are consuming energy more than ever. This has been a growing concern for quite some time and there is a need to employ energy efficient practices today. Because of this need, the Energy Star initiative was born.

The Energy Star initiative is a program of the U. S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The program has several goals that include protecting the environment by using energy efficiently and through green practices, minimize the emission of greenhouse gas and other pollutants through wasteful use of energy and encouraging consumers to buy products that save energy.

Although the initiative has not eradicated the problem of energy waste, it did create standards that a number of industries now follow, including manufacturers of lighting equipment, computer hardware and household appliances. Industry players acknowledge that more consumers are going green and look for the Energy Star label whenever they shop for electronic goods or look for energy efficient homes.

Energy Star products are certified by the U.S. Department of Energy and the EPA. These products have passed strict guidelines that ensure that they save on energy consumption without sacrificing its efficiency, features and comfort. Today, there are numerous Energy Star products available in the market. These include appliances, battery products, building products, computers, electronics, heating and cooling systems, lighting equipment and plumbing equipment. These products are clearly marked with the Energy Star label and their energy guide ratings show the usual usage in kW per year.

Sometimes, products with the Energy Star label are more expensive than the ones without. However, people do not mind this because the amount of money they invest on the Energy Star product, they can get back on what they save on their electric bill.

Aside from purchasing Energy Star products, people can also apply the Energy Star initiative in home improvement. Energy Star has tools that can help in assessing a household’s energy consumption such as the Home Energy Yardstick and the Home Energy Advisor.

Energy Star also gives tips on sealing and insulating because they know that this is the most cost effective way in improving the energy efficiency of a household. Included in these tips are covering air leaks, increase insulation to keep the house warm in the winter and cool during summer and installing Energy Star windows.

Energy Star also advises people how to cool and heat a home efficiently. They found out that a huge portion of a household’s energy consumption goes into cooling and heating. Among their recommendations include changing the air filter regularly, have regular maintenance checks on the cooling and heating equipment, sealing the cooling and heating ducts and setting up a programmable thermostat.

Owning an Energy Star home can have a lot of benefits. One, it saves as much as 20% on the household electric bill which can translate to saving money on maintenance costs. Energy Star homes also have consistent temperatures and are well-insulated. Moreover, these homes aid in lessening air pollution and help save the environment.

Post written by Robert Kirk who works as an SEO adviser Roofing Company Aqua Protection who are a roof coatings company based in Scotland. The company offer a range of services including roof coatings, wall coatings, roof cleaning and more.

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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas For Your Home

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas For Your Home

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas For Your Home

Choosing the right kitchen floor materials when remodeling is often a challenging task. There are many options from which to select today. Some homeowners stick with classic vinyl and linoleum floor designs, while others return to an earlier tradition of hardwoods. Even with these options, there are still more modern options to select from including green designs, ceramic tile, and laminate wood flooring.
Hardwood Flooring: Solid or Engineered

Hardwood flooring in a kitchen can bring warmth and a lifetime of durability.

Solid Hardwood – this kitchen flooring can be sanded and refinished over several generations of use. One of the characteristics of solid wood flooring is that it expands and contracts with changes in your home’s relative humidity. Solid wood can be installed in any kitchen, except for one in a basement. Maple, beech, birch, and pecan hardwood flooring has three grades:

First – best appearance, natural colors, and limited marks.
Second – discreet markings and colors.
Third – rustic appearance with nail, knot, and markings.

A tip when choosing solid hardwood is to select beveled edge planks, because these edges add a more casual feel.

Engineered Wood – this kitchen flooring is manmade and is manufactured by binding together wood strands, particles, fibers, or veneers of wood together with adhesives to form composite materials.

Tip – when selecting engineered wood, check the thickness of the veneer or wear layer. Thicker veneer or wear layers have the ability to be refinished.
Laminate Flooring: Durability and Designed to Do It Yourself

This kitchen flooring material is exceptionally stain resistant, requiring little routine care and maintenance. The introduction of glueless laminates has opened the door for those who like to do it yourself.

Laminate Flooring – is a representation of real hardwood with excellent durability. This flooring material is easier to install and maintain than hardwoods. The flooring is available in a large selection of styles and designs. Each wood species displays its own unique characteristics, each lending itself to a different design aspect. Laminate flooring can be laid over existing flooring materials that are in good condition.

Tip – laminate flooring is ideal for a homeowner who wants to do it yourself and is a good weekend home remodeling project.
Ceramic Tile: Stain Resistant and Durable

This kitchen flooring material is easily customized by using specific colors and patterns. Although ceramic tile is easy to clean, grout lines are difficult to maintain.

Ceramic Tile Flooring – this flooring material tile does not fade, absorb odors, burn, and is resistant to stain. When selecting a tile, homeowners should always consider slip resistance characteristics, especially in a kitchen where water and spills are common.

Ceramic tile categories for kitchens are:

P.E.I 3 – medium heavy areas
P.E.I 4 – heavy traffic areas

Tip – install ceramic tile flooring using large tiles to reduce the number of grout lines that are difficult to keep clean.
Green Kitchen: Flooring that is Environmental Friendly

Green living is sweeping the country as people become more environmentally friendly, which also includes the type of flooring materials they select for their kitchens.

Bamboo Flooring – this kitchen flooring has earth friendly properties and is an acceptable flooring material. Bamboo is an engineered flooring material manufactured by binding together bamboo wood strands, particles, and fibers together with glue.

Tip – remove this material from its boxes and expose the bamboo flooring to kitchen conditions for several days prior to installation to avoid shrinkage.

Cork Flooring – this kitchen flooring originated in Europe over 300 years ago and is known for its durability. This flooring is available in solid tiles or as engineered flooring. The resiliency of cork makes the flooring highly scratch and dent resistant, along with being stain resistant.

Tip – when choosing this material, select cork flooring that has a 100 percent natural wax finish. This wax has not been diluted with oil or water.
Vinyl Flooring: Economical and Budget Minded

Although quite durable and easily maintained, plastic vinyl flooring does not have a good reputation. This poor status is primarily due to its non-quality material appearance. However, vinyl is making a comeback as the flooring industry introduces more modern styles and designs that fit well in contemporary and modern kitchens.

Tip – when installing kitchen vinyl flooring leave an eighth of an inch gap between the vinyl and the wall, so that the plastic flooring has room to expand.

For most homeowners remodeling a kitchen floor the focus is on appearance, durability, comfort, and a good return on investment. This focus is based on the fact that today’s kitchens are typically bigger, more open, and the most heavily trafficked area in a home. Kitchens are also often the center of entertaining and a favorite family gathering spot.

Homeowners looking for green flooring options for their home, as well as homeowners restoring an older home may want to consider a pine floor. Available in narrow or wide plank flooring, new or reclaimed wood, pine floors have choices for homeowners looking for authentic, durable hardwood floors.
Types of Pine Floors Available

There are several types and categories of pine floors available on the market today. Those who are looking at green flooring options can choose from two types of reclaimed wood flooring in pine.

River reclaimed pine flooring is heartwood which has never been used in a floor setting before. Trees that were felled for lumber and shipped via river drives occasionally did not make it to the saw mill, sinking to the bottom of the river instead. The logs lay there until fairly recently, when they were reclaimed and fashioned in hardwood floor planks.

River reclaimed pine floors have a patina that is not available in other floors, as the pine has been soaking for years at the bottoms of rivers. River reclaimed pine floors are not available in abundant supply, which helps drive their desirability.

Reclaimed heartwood pine floors are old pine planks reclaimed from old farmhouses and office buildings. Sanded and refinished, these wide plank floor boards are made almost entirely of heartwood, and are extremely durable. Reclaimed flooring makes an attractive green flooring option for some homeowners, as these floors are given a second life with no new trees felled for the purpose.

New pine floors are available in heartwood, heartwood and sapwood mixtures and vertical cut planks. The more sapwood mixed into the wood planks, the more knots and character the floors will have, while vertical cut planks are much harder and more durable, making them ideal for high traffic areas of the home.

Pine floor boards are typically available in wide planks, although vertical cut planks and high sap wood content planks are available in 4” widths as well. This helps give pine floors additional versatility, making them perfect for any room of the home.
Characteristics of Pine Floors

In addition to character and history, pine floors can add a unique beauty to the home. Wide plank floors, when highly polished have less interruption between the planks, giving them a high gloss finish that enriches the floor. Installed in the traditional fashion, these planks will show their nail holes as well as knots and the rings from the trees they were taken from. No two floors laid with pine flooring, therefore can ever be quite the same.
Maintenance and Care of Pine Floors

While pine floors are durable, having been used in farmhouses and New Englander style homes for centuries, they are among the softer hardwoods. Heavy use or traffic over pine floors can wear away at their surface and finish, sometimes in an uneven manner. Therefore pine floors may require refinishing on a regular basis to help maintain their beauty.

To extend the life of the finish of a pine floor, use gentle cleaning detergents and a soft cloth to avoid scratching the floor or etching the finish. Avoid household cleansers with lemon or other acids to avoid eating into the finish of the floor.

Pine floors have a rich beauty and history. Whether installing reclaimed floor planks, or new hardwood floors, pine will give a rich, unique look to any room of the house. Consider the use of a pine floor for green flooring, or restoration needs and bring beauty and history to the home.

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Getting Your Home Ready For Spring

Getting Your Home Ready For Spring

Getting Your Home Ready For Spring

It’s finally spring and you may be wondering what to do with the bleak, brown space called a yard. Beautifying your yard can not only be satisfying, but well-placed shrubs, trees, flowering plants and an attractive lawn can increase your property’s value.

Avid gardeners may already have been out with their hoes, planting seeds that can handle a nip of frost. Fresh greens such as lettuce, chard and spinach are plants worth taking a gamble on. But now that the long weekend has passed, you can go ahead with your planting without much risk to your garden.

To start, though, you have several things you need to get out of the way.

Begin by taking a reality check. Did you clean up, cut down, rake leaves, compost and generally tidy things up before the first snow? If not, you’ll have to do it now.

Even if you didn’t spend hours this past winter planning your garden on paper and ordering plants and seeds, there’s still time to do all the research needed to make it a success. Go to your local library or book store and pick up some books and magazines to help you visualize what you want.

Think of your yard as a cluster of “outdoor rooms”: some for enjoying sunshine, others for growing vegetables and others for appreciating the beauty of flowers, shrubs, trees and foliage plants.

Flower and vegetable beds need a lot of thought and planning, especially if you want continual colour or growth from spring through fall. You may have to plant more than one kind of annual or vegetable in a particular location to accomplish this.

You’ll also have to consider other factors such as sun, shade, heat, reflected light, winds and soil conditions.

Garden centres and nurseries get mobbed in spring, so be prepared before you get there. Start a shopping list of the seeds, bedding plants and shrubs you are going to need to get your yard in gear.

When to start

Because spring weather is so variable, it’s often difficult to know when the soil is ready to receive seeds and transplants. A good rule of thumb is to check other outdoor plants for clues. When spring bulbs and crocuses come into bloom, the soil is usually warm enough to start digging. The ground should also be thawed enough to divide and more perennial flowers and herbs, plant shrubs and trees and to start rejuvenating your lawn. It’s also a good time to prune back bushes and trees and begin insect management strategies. However, much still depends on the weather and how dry the soil is.

Understanding and improving your soil

Flowering plants and vegetable gardens required good soil drainage. How well your garden soil drains depends on its composition. Clay soils tend to drain slowly while sandy ones drain rapidly. Both can be improved with the addition of large quantities of organic matter such as peat moss, compost and leaf mould.

In addition to its physical makeup, soil can also be classified as acid, alkaline or neutral. This is also referred to as its pH content. High acidity or high alkalinity can be harmful to plants. Materials such as lime can be added to decrease soil acidity. Soil or peat moss is added to decrease soil alkalinity.

To test the pH of your soil, you can purchase a do-it-yourself kit or send a sample to a laboratory that will test the soil for you. Even if your soil turns out to be infertile, stony or poorly drained, you can still grow flowers and vegetables. Just build framed, raised beds and fill them with enriched soil.

Get digging

Digging an established garden is fairly easy as long as the soil is the right consistency. To determine if your soil is dry enough to work, squeeze a handful into a ball and drop it from shoulder height. If it shatters, the soil is dry enough. If the soil is too dry to form a ball, moisten it before digging.

As a general rule, garden soil should consist of about one-third organic matter. Apply three to six inches of peat moss or other organic material over the existing soil. Then till or spade all materials thoroughly to a depth of eight to 12 inches. You can single dig or double dig. Double digging is more work – you dig a trench in the soil to the depth of your spade, then dig down further with a garden fork to loosen the soil below. Plants with deep root systems respond better to double dug soil.

Prepare the soil a couple of weeks before you plan to start planting. Leave the prepared soil beds idle for about 10 days to allow any weeds time to germinate. Remove weeds before sowing or transplanting the area.

Time to plant

If you are planting seeds directly outdoors, make sure you don’t place them too deep in the soil. Many seeds need exposure to light to germinate. If the plants don’t tolerate frost well at the seedling state, ensure that all danger of frost has passed.

Plants grown indoors may go into shock if not hardened property before being transported to the garden. This process takes about 10 days. Start by putting the plants outdoors for an hour or two during the hottest part of the day and gradually increase their exposure. Water transplants before you plant them and once or twice every day.

Bedding plants can be purchased at garden centres or nurseries should already be hardened. Always look for stocky, compact plants that have a healthy green colour. Avoid tall, lanky specimens that have yellow leaves and appear to be stretched. These are already in stress. Never judge a plant by its height. Quality transplants are short with thick stems and have side branches close to the base.

Taking care to get the right plants and planting them properly will give you a garden space you can enjoy well into the fall. So happy gardening!