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Double Glazing Properties for Energy Green Homes

Double Glazing Windows
Double Glazing Properties for Energy Green Homes

Double Glazing Properties for Energy Green Homes

Many people prefer to buy an older house rather than a new build. Older houses tend to have more character when compared to new builds and they are often built to a much higher standard. Older houses were built to last, new builds just seem to be built to look nice and sell fast… and then fall apart!

However, these older properties usually need some updating and TLC. It’s not often you’ll find an older house that needs no work done to it but this is part of the attraction. Unfortunately many of these old houses are less than efficient when it comes to keeping warm! They were built in a time of open fires and outside toilets… People were just generally a hardier bunch back then!

Fitting double glazing is a priority for old houses that don’t have this already fitted and as such this is one of the first home improvements you should carry out. Make sure you plan ahead and estimate the cost of fitting double glazing before you buy! Keep in mind that you will want the new windows to match the style of the house, modern meets classic can look great if it’s done well but is an eyesore if it’s not!

The house may already have double glazing but you should still have a look at the energy performance certificate to make sure that it’s up to todays standards. There are huge savings to be made by fitting energy efficient windows. This could be a saving of hundreds each year!

Sometimes you won’t be able to or want fit double glazing due to various considerations such as the listed status of the building or not being able to find suitable windows that match the look of the house.

Many people choose to fit a secondary glazing instead.

If possible you should consider fitting double glazing as this is a more efficient way to keep the heat in, however if the building is listed you may not have that option. It should be easy enough to find double glazing that matches the style of your property, many manufacturers are aware of this need and produce glazing to suit all styles and eras.

If you are on a budget then just do the windows that matter the most, this could be the front of the house if you’re just looking to sell or maybe the most frequently used rooms if this is going to be your home.

So be sure to shop around and you should be able to find windows that not only look great but also perform well.

There is growing concern over the use and consumption of energy sources. The cost of electricity and oil continue to rise every year. It became necessary to find ways how to use energy efficiently. The Energy Star initiative came into existence with this goal in mind. This initiative has several aims including the manufacturing and use of energy efficient products, protecting the environment by utilizing energy efficient practices and save money on electricity.

Every year the costs of electricity and petrol continue to rise. People are consuming energy more than ever. This has been a growing concern for quite some time and there is a need to employ energy efficient practices today. Because of this need, the Energy Star initiative was born.

The Energy Star initiative is a program of the U. S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The program has several goals that include protecting the environment by using energy efficiently and through green practices, minimize the emission of greenhouse gas and other pollutants through wasteful use of energy and encouraging consumers to buy products that save energy.

Although the initiative has not eradicated the problem of energy waste, it did create standards that a number of industries now follow, including manufacturers of lighting equipment, computer hardware and household appliances. Industry players acknowledge that more consumers are going green and look for the Energy Star label whenever they shop for electronic goods or look for energy efficient homes.

Energy Star products are certified by the U.S. Department of Energy and the EPA. These products have passed strict guidelines that ensure that they save on energy consumption without sacrificing its efficiency, features and comfort. Today, there are numerous Energy Star products available in the market. These include appliances, battery products, building products, computers, electronics, heating and cooling systems, lighting equipment and plumbing equipment. These products are clearly marked with the Energy Star label and their energy guide ratings show the usual usage in kW per year.

Sometimes, products with the Energy Star label are more expensive than the ones without. However, people do not mind this because the amount of money they invest on the Energy Star product, they can get back on what they save on their electric bill.

Aside from purchasing Energy Star products, people can also apply the Energy Star initiative in home improvement. Energy Star has tools that can help in assessing a household’s energy consumption such as the Home Energy Yardstick and the Home Energy Advisor.

Energy Star also gives tips on sealing and insulating because they know that this is the most cost effective way in improving the energy efficiency of a household. Included in these tips are covering air leaks, increase insulation to keep the house warm in the winter and cool during summer and installing Energy Star windows.

Energy Star also advises people how to cool and heat a home efficiently. They found out that a huge portion of a household’s energy consumption goes into cooling and heating. Among their recommendations include changing the air filter regularly, have regular maintenance checks on the cooling and heating equipment, sealing the cooling and heating ducts and setting up a programmable thermostat.

Owning an Energy Star home can have a lot of benefits. One, it saves as much as 20% on the household electric bill which can translate to saving money on maintenance costs. Energy Star homes also have consistent temperatures and are well-insulated. Moreover, these homes aid in lessening air pollution and help save the environment.

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