Good Class Bungalows in Singapore

Good Class Bungalows in Singapore

The story of Good Class Bungalows in Singapore dates back to the year 1989. When the World Trade Centre collapsed in New York, the people in Singapore were affected by this disaster. Many of them had family members and friends in the USA and as they were unable to fly with their luggage, many decided to book accommodation on the low rates offered by various agencies. The people in these hotels used to get a room for $20 per day and this was more than enough for them during that time. However, after the destruction caused by the twin towers, these rooms were turned into shelters by many hotels.

The development of Singapore became a success mainly because of the influx of foreign workforce. This resulted in increased demands for good class bungalows in Singapore. At that time, property prices in Singapore were still not in their normal levels and it took almost twenty years for the prices to go back to normal. However, after the release of the Singapore Exchange (SEC) in mid-1990s, the prices of properties here began to go up rapidly. With the advent of the Singnet portal in late 1994, the prices registered a nine-fold increase within four months and this lasted for the next two and a half years.

The prices of plots of bungalows also shot up in the same period. If you have a plot of land area in the centre of Singapore, you can expect to pay about one thousand dollars for a bungalow. The prices vary depending on the land area and the size of the plot. For example, if your plot is an empty block, you will be able to get the highest price as the demand for such housing is high in Singapore.

Before you purchase a bungalow in Singapore, make sure that you are going to get the best of the deal. There are many bungalows available with varying sizes, facilities, and price per square foot. The size of the plot is directly proportional to the price. In addition to that, the facilities provided by the bungalow also plays an important role in determining the price. As we all know, bungalows in Singapore vary depending on whether it is meant for single or multiple residents. Other factors also affect the price of the bungalows like, number of rooms, equipment and utilities, security arrangements, recreational facilities, etc.

One of the prime residential districts in Singapore is the Central Business District (CBD). The other most famous area for bungalow areas in Singapore is the Orchard Road. Most of the popular prime residential areas in Singapore are located in the Central Business District (CBD), although there are many others like the Singapore River Walk and the Orchard Road Business Precinct located in the North and West areas of Singapore. The two most popular places to live in Singapore are the Central Business District and Orchard Road.

Apart from the popular commercial areas, there are many other places where you can find good class bungalow areas in Singapore. These include the Seafront, the Singapore Riverside, Jalan Hanoman and Ann Siang Road, the Esplanade, Ann Siang Road and the Yarin Center. Some of the most expensive residential communities include those in the Yarin Center, Jalan Bukit Timah and the Jalan Bay. The price range of these bungalow areas in Singapore depends on the facilities provided by the house.

Good Class Bungalows in Singapore comes in various different types and designs. The bungalow designs available in the above mentioned area include fully furnished houses with all the required interiors and exterior accessories, gcb areas, bungalow complexes and Singapore bird sanctuary. There are many other types of house building including condominiums and high-rise towers. If you have a minimum budget, you can go for a modular house, or a pre-modeled house with minimalistic style and features.

The list of Good Class Bungalows in Singapore goes on with exclusive properties at Sentosa, Parnang, and the northern part of the island. There is a wider choice at lower cost when it comes to a cheaper property. Some of the cheapest properties at Ngee Ann Serong and Bukit Timah can be found at just over 1,500 psf. There are many other good class bungalows (GCubs) located across the island in both urban and rural areas.

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