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Green Options for Commercial Construction

Green Options for Commercial Construction

Green Options for Commercial Construction

Green is good. Even the color green has a positive effect on the eyes. Green symbolizes life and serenity. Whether to cut energy costs, make a sustainability statement, or a combination of both, the encouraging movement toward eco-friendly construction is in demand and on the rise amongst businesses.

Most buildings constructed before the green program instituted by the U.S. government under the auspices of GBCI or Green Building Certification Institute are found lacking many of the standard energy saving and conservation features found in newly constructed buildings. For this reason, many programs have come up like the LEED GA, LEED AP, and other green associations whose job is to audit and rate the buildings and to suggest what changes are needed to bring them on par with the new system of building construction.

Commercial buildings should adhere to building sustainability programs or green programs to make them convenient for the occupants and to make sure they don’t pose any danger to their health as well. Several ways of doing these things is to make sure the building is well insulated; light bulbs should be changed to LEDs, or light emitting diodes, and proper ventilation should be installed. Any waste should be properly disposed of and the buildings should only use eco-friendly materials.

Some commercial building owners complain about the additional cost that these innovations give them and they don’t get any advantages from these; instead, they all go to the consumers. However, the long-term savings makes up for the initial costs. One of the ways buildings can adhere to a positive green evaluation and save money is by using the best commercial roofing systems.

Green roof commercial solutions include solar panels, either using the old photovoltaic panels or newer shingle systems. Several commercial buildings are now using photovoltaic shingles for generating power. They’re not only a very efficient and clean source of energy, but they are beautiful as well.

Roofing materials such as industrial glass are also very useful in conserving energy by allowing sunlight to penetrate directly into the buildings. Skylight roofing was already in vogue before and now it’s even more popular than ever. It supplies the building with natural light, making it healthier for the occupants. Sunlight also helps kill bacteria and viruses common in enclosed buildings.

Garden roofs are very beautiful and they’re as green as you can get, both in color and effect. They’ll no doubt make the building very agreeable for human habitation. Plants have a dual effect. They produce much needed oxygen, while absorbing carbon dioxide for their food production process.

PVC systems are one of the coolest types of roofing. Quite literally! They don’t absorb heat, are durable, beautiful, and keep your house neat looking. However, you should be careful about using PVC. Unfortunately, some systems may still contain amosite asbestos, a deadly material known to cause mesothelioma cancer.

Reflective roofing systems containing aluminum or stainless steel help reflect the heat back to the atmosphere to keep the inside of buildings free from high temperatures. There are also reflective roofs made of tiles and PVC.

Another type of roofing, one of the oldest and safest kinds, is the BUR system. It’s a combination of several components including tar, bitumen, polyester, and fiberglass. This type of roofing is very efficient for buildings with flat roof designs.

Most of today’s newly constructed buildings are already certifiably green. Aside from adhering to construction standards they also use recycled woods, steel, glass and more. Some commercial projects even opt for organic paint, glues and other materials that are non-toxic to the occupants. The windows are bigger and recycled glass walls are used, where it is possible, to allow more sunlight to enter the house. Ventilation devices are either installed on the walls, ceilings, and/or roofs.

Overall, environmentally conscious businesses are becoming more popular. Even hotels are adhering to the green revolution and many of them have received green certificates for their efforts. Pre-existing buildings, like former franchises, are still popular because they’re cheaper and ready for occupancy. Furthermore, sustainable condominiums and casual studio type buildings have never waned in their popularity. This popular movement is becoming a new standard for commercial buildings everywhere.

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