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How to Clean Crystal Chandelier At Your Home

How to Clean Crystal Chandelier At Your Home

How to Clean Crystal Chandelier At Your Home

It is very often that the visitors of our store, while admiring the beautiful play of colors on our crystal chandeliers, ask – how do you clean crystal?

Many think that cleaning a crystal chandelier is at least a very tedious task. Let us assure you – that is a myth. In reality, if you clean the chandelier the right way, then you will not need to spend much time on it at all and the process will seem easy.

It is just as easy to clean any regular lamp as it is a crystal one, but the effect of cleaning a crystal chandelier is much more noticeable.

The surfaces of a regular crystal are indeed attractive to the bits of dust, but in the surfaces of the Swarovski crystals the natural attractive force of the crystal is neutralized, using a special refining method made by Swarovski. Capillary forces do not allow water to hold on to the surface of the crystal in the same way they don’t allow dust. The dust may only lie on the surface of the cover, while water contracts itself in drops of dew, dripping from the surface without leaving a trace.

Lighting fixtures with Swarovski crystals do not require special care. You don’t have to untangle the numerous knots of suspended crystal strings, nor do you have to take off individual crystals.

A dry antistatic wipe and a brush are enough for you to quickly clean thin dust layers without any consequences.

In order for you not to leave fingerprints on the crystals (sadly, this type of stain is the one that most often worsens the appearance of the chandelier and is the hardest to remove), we recommend to go through this process in white gloves.

But what to do if your chandelier has crystals of another type, not Swarovski ones? A little dishwashing liquid, diluted in warm water, will help conquer very dusty or very dirty crystals. In this case, it is best to use microfiber wipes, even though it is possible to use a lint-free cloth made of cotton. The thinner the cotton, the better. The cloth should be moist. Then each suspension should be wiped, from top to bottom. After wiping, we recommend drying the crystal with a clean dry cloth.

After this procedure, you will see that crystal looks like a brand new one in the hand of a master craftsman.

ADVICE: Do not leave the suspension in a moist condition for too long – this may cause the corrosion of metal parts and connection parts of the lighting fixture.

Dry cleaning: dry cleaning is the way of cleaning your lighting fixture from dust using an antistatic duster brush

Wet cleaning: If the structure of the fixture allows for crystal suspensions to be taken off, that will simplify the cleaning – just carefully wash them in cool water with special cleaning agents for crystals, then dry it with cloth. If it is impossible to take of the crystal suspensions, then carefully and without pressure, wipe the crystals with wet cloth

Aerosol: we recommend rinsing instead, since many aerosols contain a multitude of solid particles which may leave a trace on the crystal

Also we would like to note, that if you are using any special cleaning agent for crystals, do try to make sure that the agent does not get on the armature of the chandelier, as it may be affected negatively by its chemical components.


ADVICE: Another good approach is a “dual-gloves” one. Take a pair of white, cot-ton gloves, and wet one of them with a liquid used for cleaning glass. Spray the chemical specifically on the glove, not the chandelier itself, otherwise it will for sure get into some part of the armature and cause corrosion. Wipe the crystal using a wet glove and immediately wipe it with a dry one right after.

Careful care and compliance with these easy recommendations will help you enjoy the beauty of lamps, crystal chandeliers, sconces and floor lamps for long, long years.

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