Jalan Anak Bukit Condominium Updates

: New Development Launching soon by Developer.

: Development mins walk away from Newton MRT Station.

26-Oct-2019: Please kindly register here for the latest VVIP dates and discounts.

27-Sep-2019: Check out the latest site plan and floor plans here.

Jalan Anak Bukit Condo Project Details
Project NameCondo
Address of DevelopmentJalan Anak Bukit
Project DeveloperDeveloper
Tenure99 Years Leasehold
Site Area32,185 sq metres
Gross Floor Area96,551 sq metres
No of BlocksTo Be Advised
No of StoreysTo Be Advised
No of UnitsApproximately 865Units
TOPTo Be Advised

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    Location of Jalan Anak Bukit Condo

    Jalan Anak Bukit Condo Location

    Jalan Anak Bukit Condo Located Near to Beauty World MRT Station

    Jalan Anak Bukit is the planned mixed-use condominium development that is located next to Bukit World MRT Station. The planned project is comprised of a high-rise tower and sky scrapers on the lower levels. Apart from the integrated public transport hub, other complementary uses like retail, residential, office, and food and drink are also envisaged in the development.

    Jalan Anak Bukit Condo straddles the busy arterial network linking Beauty World, Bukit Timah and Jurong East. In its way, the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is also very close to the Jalan Anak Bukit Condo. The mixed-uses aspect of the proposed Jalan Anak Bukit Condo community is incorporated into this location, which is also convenient for the residents of Beauty World and other areas. Thus, the planned location of the communities and its connectivity with major public transport hubs like the existing Orchard and Central Business Districts makes the location a smart and sustainable town. The plan is basically to improve the connectivity between the Bukit Timah community and other nearby communities and industries.

    As far as the location of Jalan Anak Bukit Condo is concerned, it is located strategically just before the famous Beauty World MRT Station (DT5), which is the main location of the development. As earlier mentioned that Jalan Anak Bukit Condo is strategically located; you can move easily to all parts of Singapore through well connected major expressways and roads by Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) and Bukit Timah Expressway(BKE) through major expressways Pan-Island Expressway (PIE), Bukit Timan Expressway Clementi Roadand Bukit Timah Road.

    In the URA Master Plan 2019, it is suggested to build a Hub of integrated Transport at Beauty World with an air-conditioned bus interchange. This transport hub will be helpful for a smooth connection between adjacent Beauty World MRT Station and commercial developments. After the completion of the “Cross-Island Line,” the connectivity will be increased more.

    An ample array of luxuries is accessible in Bukit Timah, along with exceptional connectivity. A good deal of dining, shopping, and other entertaining opportunities are available in Bukit Timah. Potential investors and buyers of Jalan Anak Bukit Condo can find more luxuries from the map.

    Jalan Anak Bukit Condo at Bukit Timah

    Jalan Anak Bukit Condo was officially dedicated as the first Smart and Sustainable City in the works near the Bukit Timah area. The concept is basically a proposal to convert Jalan Anak Bukit, an urban open-air mall, into a smarter and more sustainable community, complete with retail shops, office space, multiplexes, restaurants, leisure facilities and schools. Through Jalan Anak Bukit Condo project, the company will be able to capitalize on the inherent strengths inherent in this particular area, namely the strategic positioning of existing commercial assets, proximity to existing town centres, the availability of a wide range of businesses servicing key leisure and business centers in the vicinity and an extensive land parcel.

    Jalan Anak Bukit Condo is located just ahead of well known Beauty World MRT Station or DT5. Jalan Anak Bukit Condo is well attached to the most important and major expressways for example Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) and, Bukit Timah Expressway(BKE).

    It is proposed in the Master Plan 2019 to establish an integrated Transport Hub at Jalan Anak Bukit Condo. It is expected that this transport hub is going to be a very smooth approach between commercial developments and adjacent Beauty World MRT Station. The connectivity will be more increased and enhanced when the Cross-Island Line project.

    Other than the superb connectivity, a numerous array of facilities are freely available around Bukit Timah. Besides other entertaining options, there are available plenty of shopping and dining amenities. Beauty World center, Kings Albert Park, Beauty World Plaza, and Bukit Timah Shopping Center are shopping centers are in the vicinity.

    Parents of Jalan Anak Bukit Condo who are conscious of esteemed schools in the vicinity of Jalan Anak Bukit Condo  may find several reputed schools like Methodist Girls’ School (Primary), Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary school, and Bukit Timah Primary.

    Beauty World Integrated Transport Hub Jalan Anak Bukit Condo

    Beauty World Integrated Transport Hub

    One of the proposed plans in the Draft Master Plan near Jalan Anak Bukit Condo is the Beauty World integrated transport hub. The integrated Transport Hub is an air-conditioned enclosed bus interchange that encompasses an integrated seamless link between the main shopping districts and MRT stations located in the Beauty World and Bukit Timah area.

    The Jalan Anak Bukit Condo near Beauty World have long been targeted by people living in the district for their leisure and business activities. The beauty world integrated transport hub is designed to provide residents with better connectivity. A new one-stop integrated transport hub for residents, visitors and workers is expected to help residents commute to nearby places in a hassle free manner. Residents of Jalan Anak Bukit Condo can also have easy access to the airport and other important establishments located in the green corridor. The new hub will be fully operated and supported by a fully operational public transport system including buses, minibuses, taxis and shuttle buses.

    The Draft Master Plan envisages the creation of an air-conditioned, fully automated bus interchange. This will offer residents of the building easy access to the Bukit Timah, Newton, and the Central Business District.

    Among all new launches in Upper Bukit Timah or Hillview area Jalan Anak Bukit Condo is the most conveniently located. In Rest of Center Region (RCR) zone, Jalan Anak Bukit Condo is straight a way connected to the Beauty World MRT station and just oppositely located the Beauty World Plaza and Beauty Word Centre. Although these are not the attractive shopping centres, but for redevelopment, they are prime candidates. We have market, eateries, and food centres just across the road as well as the Bukit Timah Plaza on 5 to 6 minutes walking distance.

    Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Jalan Anak Bukit New Condo

    Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

    Bukit Timah Nature Reserve has been treasured by families and tourists here in Singapore since the early 1990s. The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve can be easily reached by driving or taking the public bus. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve has been preserved as a conservation reserve because of the rich natural flora and fauna of the area around it.

    The Bukit Timah reserve has long been a favourite haunt for bird watchers, especially the rare yellow-headed parrot. The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve also has some interesting attractions for people to discover. If you and your kids are looking for a different kind of activity to do on Sunday afternoons, you should go to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and spend a lazy day at the Botanical Garden. At this time of the day, you can have your lunch outdoors. In fact, you can have a picnic right next to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Your children will not only enjoy this picnic, but they will get a chance to see and learn more about the plants, animals, and trees found at the reserve.

    Singapore Rail Corridor Located Near to Jalan Anak Bukit Condo

    Singapore Rail Corridor

    The highlight of the Singapore Rail Corridor is the 24-kilometre nature trail that links almost the entire length of Singapore that brings nature and outdoor activities to the residents of Jalan Anak Bukit Condo. Plans were suggested way back in 2015 to improve the green spaces in Singapore as well as the highlights of the heritage of nature trail and Singapore Rail Corridor plays a important part to spearhead the project.

    Residents who live near to Singapore Rail Corridor such as Jalan Anak Bukit Condo will have access to several facilities. Jalan Anak Bukit Condo residents can use these facilities to reach the major business centers of the country and other major cities in the region. There are also many places for recreation for the people living in the cities like entertainment parks, golf courses, tennis courts, ferry rides and even shopping malls near to Jalan Anak Bukit Condo.

    Singapore Rail Corridor will be able to assist residents of Jalan Anak Bukit Condo residents to spend some family time by having outdoor activities such as jogging and cycling while enjoying the outdoor fresh air that links the natural heritage and history of Singapore such as Tanjong Pagar Railway Station and Bukit Timah Railway Station. These are gazetted as heritage places in Singapore and Singapore Rail Corridor is located near to Jalan Anak Bukit Condo.