Jalan Tembusu Condo Updates

: New Development Launching soon by Developer.

: Development mins walk away from Newton MRT Station.

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27-Sep-2019: Check out the latest site plan and floor plans here.

Project Details
Project NameJalan Tembusu Condo
Address of DevelopmentJalan Tembusu
Project DeveloperCity Developments Ltd (CDL)
Tenure99 Years Leasehold
Site Area19,567.6 m2
Gross Floor Area54,790 m2
No of BlocksTo Be Advised
No of StoreysTo Be Advised
No of Units640 Units
TOPTo Be Advised

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    Location of Jalan Tembusu Condo

    Jalan Tembusu Condo Location Map
    Jalan Tembusu Condo Picture 1
    Jalan Tembusu Near to Katong
    Jalan Tembusu Condo Near to East Coast Park

    Jalan Tembusu Condo Located Near to Katong and Mountbatten

    Jalan Tembusu Condo is a new development located right at the heart of Mountbatten right at the heart of the city. Jalan Tembusu Condo is launched under the government land sales programme under the reserve list and the development is highly sought after given that there is no new launch around the area since Haig Court which was launched way back. Jalan Tembusu Condo is located to many shopping centres such as 112 Katong as well as Parkway Parade where you can get all your daily necessities. Jalan Tembusu Condo represents a prime located property near to Tanjaong Katong MRT Station which makes traveling to East Coast, Central Business District as well as Changi Airport very conveniently.

    Jalan Tembusu Condo is located in Katong that represents a rich part of Singapore’s History. Jalan Tembusu Condo is located at Katong which is a mixed residential and commercial hub that has a rich history and heritage. The area has a wide range of F&B that is available for the residents to choose from given that there are many pre-war terraced houses that has a long history and the houses now serve as f&B restaurants to cater to the residents around Jalan Tembusu as well as Katong and East Coast. Jalan Tembusu Condo is also located near to Parkway Parade which is a shopping centre that has all the amenities to cater to the residents around East Coast and Tanjong Katong. Parkway Parade shopping mall has a long history and has catered to the residents around the area for the past 30 years.

    There are many advantages of staying in Katong that Jalan Tembusu Condo residents will get to enjoy. First of all, the prime location means that there is no issues with access to the city area as well as the central business district. There are also many food selection from the many hawker centres, cafes and bars and therefore there is no shortage of food along the Jalan Tembusu area. Many prestigious schools such as Tao Nan School and Tanjong Katong Girls’ School are located a few minutes away from Jalan Tembusu Condo.

    Also, it can be seen that Jalan Tembusu Condo is located a short drive away from East Coast Parkway (ECP). The road to ECP is from Tanjong Katong Road that links Jalan Tembusu Condo to East Coast Parkway and therefore traveling to East Coast as well as to Tanjong Rhu and Marina Bay is therefore very convenient. This makes Jalan Tembusu Condo a perfect place to stay as it is minutes away from your work place and also to travel to Changi Airport for a holiday.

    The location of Jalan Tembusu Condo is located at the exclusive private enclave of Tanjong Katong where there are plenty of other private developments around the area. The exclusive private enclave makes it a highly sought after area to stay in and Jalan Tembusu Condo is located within this private enclave. The residents of Jalan Tembusu Condo are served by many shopping centres nearby including Parkway Parade as well as 112 Katong and there are many anchor tenants which are located within the mall. Other amenities that are essential include a cinema as well as hawker centres that combines the private enclave with a cosmopolitan lifestyle befitting of a trendy individual who is looking for a upmarket area to stay in such as Tanjong Katong as well as Amber Road area.

    The special draw of the Tanjong Katong area is that Jalan Tembusu Condo is located within a short walk to East Coast Park which has traditionally been the area where plenty of outdoor amenities and sports are conducted. The park connector at East Coast is the perfect place for residents of Jalan Tembusu Condo to enjoy their outdoor time with their family and friends.

    Jalan Tembusu Condo Near to East Coast Park

    Jalan Tembusu Condo is a higher sought after development that is located near to East Coast Park that provides a variety of outdoor activities for your family and friends. Located on the southeastern coast of Singapore, the East Coast Park is a huge open space with an abundance of greenery. It covers three main localities, Bedok and Tampines, and extends from Changi to Kallang. This park is a popular destination for families, and is a popular spot for outdoor activities. The East Coast Park near to Jalan Tembusu Condo is one of the city’s most well-known destinations, and visitors to the area are sure to find something to love.

    As a popular destination for family activities, the park features barbecue pits, food centres, and amenities for different sports. The Bedok Jetty offers fishing. The park’s 15-km length also makes it convenient for families to enjoy the beautiful weather. In addition to its recreational spaces, it is linked to Changi Beach Park by the Coastal-Park Connector Network, which runs along Changi Coast Road. In addition to its recreational facilities, East Coast-Park visitors can also enjoy overnight camping at certain designated areas which is located near to Jalan Tembusu Condo. The camping permit must be obtained from the relevant authorities before visiting the park.

    Jalan Tembusu Condo Located at Tanjong Katong Neighbourhood

    Jalan Tembusu Condo is also a new development that is located in the highly sought after neighbourhood of Tanjong Katong where there are many signature local delights that are located at many of the shophouses in the area. If you want a more residential neighborhood with colourful shophouses, then look no further than the district of Tanjong Katong. This quaint neighbourhood at Jalan Tembusu Condo is home to heritage buildings and a Peranakan heritage centre. There are also casual dining spots where you can try local favourites like bak chor mee.

    This vibrant area of Singapore offers many things to do. With its cultural mix, you can sample the local cuisine at restaurants serving Peranakan cuisine and spicy Chinese noodle soup. There’s also a popular beach in Tanjong Katong, which used to be located right along the East Coast Parkway.

    Tanjong Katong neighbourhood is surrounded by prestigious residential buildings and is home to many ethnic minority communities. A thriving commercial district, Tanjong Katong is filled with high-end restaurants and shops. Residents from the area are attracted to the cosmopolitan atmosphere in the city. The neighbourhood’s rich history makes it a desirable place to live for expats and locals alike. You’ll love the area’s vibrant community, as well as its upscale shops and restaurants.

    Jalan Tembusu Condo Near to Tao Nan School

    Jalan Tembusu Condo at Katong Near to Schools

    Jalan Tembusu near to the Katong neighbourhood has always been one of the highly sought after area given that the location is near to many prestigious schools. Jalan Tembusu Condo is just a few minutes walk away from many of the good schools around the Tanjong Katong area. For parents of young children, staying near schools has many benefits. While driving to school can be expensive, it also cuts down on tardiness. Being near a school ensures that your child gets to school on time. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about traffic during rush hour. Instead, you can walk to and from school. This will save you the time it takes to find a car or ride the bus to get to class. Some of the schools that are located nearby include the below. Some of the schools that are located nearby include the below

    • Tao Nan School
    • Haig Girls’ School
    • CHIJ Katong (Primary)
    • Tanjong Katong Girls’ School
    • Chung Cheng High School
    • Canadian International School Singapore
    • Tanjong Katong Secondary School

    Jalan Tembusu Condo at Marine Parade

    Jalan Tembusu Condo Located Near to Marine Parade

    One of the main reasons why Jalan Tembusu condo is highly sought after is also the fact that it is located near to Marine Parade where there are plenty of dining and shopping options available for the residents of Jalan Tembusu Condo.  Marine Parade is one of the most popular destinations in Singapore as it has endless options for dining. Whether you are on a budget or have a larger group, you are sure to find an excellent restaurant near the Marine Parade.

    The food centre is a popular dining spot in the Marine Parade area. The hawker center has a wide variety of dishes, from dim sum to curries to curry puffs. From fish soup to rice and noodle dishes, you’re bound to find something delicious and satisfying at the Marine Parade Food Centre. This food center is a must-visit for any expats in the area. And if you’re on a budget, you’re sure to find a great restaurant in Marine Plaza.

    Marine Parade is an area that is well-known for its hawker centres. The neighbourhood is popular among expats, and the area’s two main parks are East Coast Park and the Peranakan House Museum. Attractions like these make this neighborhood a great place for a weekend getaway. In addition to hawker stalls, you can enjoy local gastronomy. In fact, you’re likely to meet a local expatriate or two at Marine Parade.

    For more food, take a hawker center tour and experience the local gastronomy. From noodle dishes to Dim Sum, there’s something for everyone. You can find all kinds of stalls selling everything from chicken soup to dumplings. Even if you don’t like seafood, you can try local delicacies at hawker centers in the area for Jalan Tembusu Condo residents.


    Jalan Tembusu Condo Located at Parkway Parade

    Jalan Tembusu Condo is also located in the popular neighborhood of Parkway Parade where there are plenty of shopping and eateries to cater to the residents. Parkway Parade is located on the East Coast, which is convenient for shopping, dining, and entertainment. The mall is accessed via Orchard Road and is accessible by automobile. A stroll down the promenade will take you to the popular East Coast Park and its many outdoor activities. For an evening out, try a new restaurant or visit the Marina Parade Central Market. You’ll also find a variety of retail options and services.

    The outdoor areas at Parkway Parade have also undergone a facelift in 2011 and will be home to more tenants soon. In addition to the familiar names, you’ll find a wide range of dining and entertainment options. From din Tai Fung to Papparich to Twelve Cupcakes, you’ll be able to find a meal that suits your tastes. For dessert, head to East Coast Park where you’ll find plenty of seafood eateries.

    The Parkway Promenade is located on the East Coast. It’s a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. The rooftop bar offers breathtaking views of the city. The park is also accessible by car, with several shops and eateries. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner or an afternoon cocktail with friends, there’s a restaurant to please everyone. There’s something for everyone at Parkway Parade.

    The food and entertainment at Parkway Parade is diverse. The mall has an office tower that is 17 stories tall, and a shopping area that’s seven stories high. Despite the large number of stores, the Parkway Promenade has many dining options that will appeal to families. There are numerous restaurants and cafes at the mall, including Din Tai Fung, Papparich, and LiHo Tea.