Located Near to Schools

One of the main reasons in the selection of a property is its proximity near to schools. Being located near to school brings a wide range of conveniences for the residents of the development. The District is considered a top choice when it comes to property selection as there are many top tier schools that are located near to the development. Parents will also be relived and appreciate that many of the top schools are located a short walking distance or just a few minutes drive from the development. Also, living near to a school helps to instill confidence on the children as they can make their way home without the assistance of their parents. There is also less chance of encountering an accident and children and avoid tedious bus rides as well.

There are many advantages of your home being located near to school. For example, less time is needed to travel to and from school. Parents can use the extra time that is saved so that more work can be done at the office. Also, the longer the ride home from work, the less time your children will be able to see you and precious time is lost through commuting. For parents who are driving, significant expenses is spent on petrol and these expenses can add up to a significant amount over a long period of time. For parents who have very young child or pre school kids, there are many day care centres as well as pre schools to choose from making the location and excellent choice if schools are a concern for you.

Top School selection has always been very competitive for the parents as one of the main criteria for entering into a good school is the distance your home is located from the school. Many top tier primary schools do give priority considerations to students who are staying within 1km away from the school and therefore location plays a very important criteria when choosing a property especially when you have kids who are attending the nearby school. Generally, there are also more amenities that are close to schools as these are to facilitate the kids to play around or have some outdoor time. Playgrounds as well as pools are generally located near to the neighbourhood and the area is also generally safer with more police with safe road crossing measures despite the higher traffic during school opening and closing hours.

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