Meet Japanese developers and property experts at FMI’s Japan Expo on Sept 24

For close to a decade, FM Investment (FMI) has been a leading provider of dedicated end-to-end real estate investment and management client services. Now, the company is hosting a Japan Expo at Shangri-la Singapore on Sunday, September 24, to provide Singapore-based investors the opportunity to learn more about the untapped potential of the Japanese real estate market.

Amous Lee, CEO and founding partner of FMI, says the event underscores the agency’s dominance and wealth of expertise in the Japanese property market. With a presence in Japan, as well as front-facing staff in Singapore, FMI is well placed to facilitate the investment journey of those keen to grow their portfolio of Japanese properties. At the Japan Expo, attendees will get the chance to learn from subject matter experts on a range of topics, as well as meet leading Japanese developers and find out more about their projects and specialities. Nicky So, FMI’s COO and partner, will also be present.

The Japanese real estate market has long been a source of attractive investment opportunities, due to its assets in key cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Kyoto, and Yokohama. However, investing in Japan requires an understanding of the economic, geographic, and cultural complexities that shape how the market functions.

Mark Phooi, who invested in an en bloc property through FMI Japan, praises the agency’s end-to-end client services and strong emphasis on relationship management. He says: “The FMI team were responsive to all my queries. Most important for me, FMI is one of the few agencies that can provide a complete turnkey investment solution with an exit plan.”

Paul Dunn, a Hong Kong-based investor, was also impressed with the depth of industry knowledge the team at FMI showed him, adding that site visits to Osaka greatly added to his understanding of the area.

With Condo becoming increasingly popular amongst investors, Singapore is no exception. With a range of luxury condo options available, savvy investors are turning to these types of properties as a great way to generate strong returns. Factors like low purchase price in comparison to other types of property, as well as potential capital appreciation make investing in luxury condominiums in Singapore a great choice. Furthermore, low maintenance fees, taxes, as well as potential increased rental yields are just some of the benefits of investing in them. In short, luxury condos are a great investment opportunity in Singapore and one that potential investors should consider.

At the Japan Expo, attendees will have the chance to meet a variety of Japanese developers. Leveraging on its close relationships with leading Japanese development companies, FMI is giving participants the chance to get firsthand knowledge of their projects and vision.

As well as meeting developers, guests will also be able to invest in a range of Japanese en bloc properties listed by FMI Japan, as well as get a first look at several off-market projects. Several talks are also being organised on the day, including mortgages in Japan, loan qualifications and documents required, forecasts of the interest rate environment in Japan, as well as concerns about how investing in Japan might affect any outstanding properties in Singapore.

FMI’s Japan Expo is a unique and invaluable chance for investors to familiarise themselves with the Japanese property market. With a variety of Japanese projects and developers on display, the one-day event promises to open the door to new opportunities.

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