New Port Residences EC by CDL at Tengah Town

New Port Residences EC at Tengah Town 2


New Port Residences EC at Tengah Town Updates

11-May-2022: New Port Residences EC at Tengah Town Updates Here!

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New Port Residences EC at Tengah Town

New Port Residences EC is a new development located right at the heart of Tengah Town by City Developments Limited. Located in the heart of Tengah town, the New Port Residences EC at Tengah provides a range of modern amenities and services to the residents. In addition to healthcare facilities and schools, New Port Residences EC is also expected to feature a town centre, sports hub, and integrated community hub. It will also be one of the country’s first new-generation HDB neighbourhood centres, featuring a diverse range of facilities, connectivity to public transport nodes, and integrated community facilities that are highly beneficial for the area’s residents.

New Port Residences EC environmentally-friendly town is known for its vibrant green spaces. Developed with green technologies, it is situated in the heart of an evergreen forest town and will provide a unique blend of nature and technology. Tengah will cater to a young population working from home, and will offer them a healthy and well-designed environment. This neighbourhood is set to feature a wide variety of amenities and green infrastructure.

New Port Residences EC area has many greenery reserves, including the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. With such proximity to nature, Tengah EC is ideally located near Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, where residents can enjoy various recreational activities such as trekking, canoeing, and bird watching. The town has a smart public transportation system surrounding the Choa Chu Kang MRT station. It also has numerous water bodies throughout the development that purify the atmosphere and air.


New Port Residences EC at Tengah Town Close to Tengah Central

New Port Residences EC at Tengah Town Close to Tengah Central

New Port Residences EC Joint Venture at Tengah Between CDL and MCL Land

The Tengah EC project is a joint venture between City Development (CDL) and MCL Land. CDL is a reputable developer in Singapore and is the name behind many residential projects in the city. MCL Land is a well-established developer and part of the Jardine Matheson Group, under Hongkong Land Holdings. With their vast experience in residential development in Singapore, this developer has already completed projects such as Northumberland Road, Sol Acres, and EC at Tengah New Town.

Developers will soon start constructing the first Tengah EC in the forest town. This landmark project will feature luxurious amenities and generous landscaping. The new development will also earn BCA Gold Plus certification for its green features. The site is located in the heart of the town, which makes it highly accessible for residents from all over Singapore. The developer hopes to complete the project in Q3 2022.

The developers of Tengah EC understand the rising demand for executive condominiums in Singapore. They plan to transform the vast site into a superior residential hub. The site is located near three MRT stations on the Jurong Region Line, making it convenient for residents to commute to the north, west, and central city-state. This development will be the first executive condominium in the West, and it is one of the few in the area.

As the first eco-friendly business district in the West region, New Port Residences EC development has received a lot of attention. New Port Residences EC site is also close to a future car-free town centre and centralized cooling system. There are also several restaurants and eateries in the New Port Residences EC vicinity. The new development will be a prestigious destination for both local and international investors. In addition to its central location, Tengah EC will also be equipped with green technologies for the development of buildings and the surrounding areas.

New Port Residences EC proposed location is very convenient, as the development will be located along the creek and near a park. It will also be within easy reach of the central business district and Jurong Innovation District. New Port Residences EC will be close to these areas, making it an ideal location for families with young children. Besides being conveniently located, it will be close Pan Island Expressway. Hence, residents can easily commute to other parts of the city with ease.

Shopping Centres Near to New Port Residences EC

Despite being located right at the heart of Tengah New Town, New Port Residences EC is located near to many existing shopping centres in Choa Chu Kang and Jurong East that will cater to the residents of the development. Many of the shopping centres located at Jurong are just a short drive away from New Port Residences EC making it one of the most convenient locations to stay in.

There are many shopping malls near Jurong East. You can shop at the Orchard Road Shopping Centre or Marina Bay District, which are both located just 25 minutes away. Shopping is also possible at the Boon Lay Central Shopping Centre, Jurong East Delights, and the Yuhua Market & Hawker Centre. If you’re looking for hawker food in Singapore, the Jurong East delicacies are located nearby.

Jem Shopping Centre

The Jurong East Mall is one of the most popular shopping malls in the district. There are five major malls in the area, including the Jurong East Mall. Three of them are managed by the CapitaMall Trust, while the fifth is the Big Box, Singapore’s largest warehouse retail centre. These shopping centres are filled with local and international brands. A visit to these malls will give you plenty of opportunities to do some window shopping and eat lunch or dinner.

JCube Mall

Jurong East is home to JCube mall, which opened just before the other malls opened. The management of this mall realised that the current model wasn’t sustainable and redesigned it, adding more stores to the lower floors, including a level devoted to small shops. They also organised events almost every weekend. For those of you who don’t like crowds, you can also head down to Jurong East to experience the unique shopping experience of Westgate.

Gek Poh Shopping Centre

Another popular shopping centre in Jurong East is Gek Poh Shopping Centre. This complex features a variety of shops from H&M to Charles & Keith, plus an outlet of Muji. The shopping center also features a grocery store and Fairprice Xtra. A third Ikea outlet is expected to open in the same area by 2021. And the location is ideal for both tourists and locals alike.

Westgate Shopping Mall

When visiting the Westgate Shopping Centre, you will be overwhelmed by the variety of stores and services on offer. The mall also has a variety of informal eateries and services which is a short walk away from , including a movie theater and bowling alley. The entire family is sure to enjoy a day at the Westgate Shopping Centre! To learn more, read on! Below are some of the highlights of this large shopping complex. You will be glad you made the effort to visit this large mall.

Great Transportation Network and Infrastructure Available at New Port Residences EC

New Port Residences EC Owners will also be delighted that the Tengah area is well served by many existing transportation infrastructure as well as new and upcoming ones that are planned for the Tengah Estate. New Port Residences EC site in the western part of Singapore is near three upcoming MRT stations: the Jurong Region Line, Boon Lay and Choa Chu Kang. When these stations are complete, residents of Tengah Garden Walk will enjoy impressive transportation connectivity. It will also be a first for the executive condominium to be located near an upcoming MRT station. Unlike other EC sites, Tengah Garden Walk is near these three upcoming MRT stations, which will make commuting to various areas of Singapore much easier.

Residents living in New Port Residences EC Tengah Garden Walk will enjoy easy access to the upcoming MRT stations as well as a dedicated cycling and pedestrian network. The area will be surrounded by a lush forest corridor spanning five kilometers and will be home to numerous native rain forest species. In addition to these amenities, the development’s residential sections will be divided into five distinct districts – the Park District, the Garden District and the Forest Hill District.

Sustainable Features To Be Incorporated into Tengah Town Near New Port Residences EC

The Sustainable Urban Planning at Tengah town has been envisioned to provide 42,000 homes with a focus on smart technology, biophilic design, and ethical living. There are five districts with unique environmental and social aspects near to New Port Residences EC. One of the districts is a “green park” with a 20 ha Central Park. The remaining four districts are mixed-use developments, with some areas still awaiting development. The sustainable urban planning at Tengah aims to incorporate the principles of green and blue infrastructure.

The smart and sustainable nature of Tengah is reflected in its plans to make it Singapore’s first car-free town. The new development will have more bicycle paths and pedestrian walkways, and aim to minimize private vehicles. The smart technology of this new town will be integrated into the design of each housing district, with an emphasis on green and sustainable features. The town’s underground town centre will feature extensive communal facilities, including a thriving community.

Environmental protection

A sustainable and green eco town focuses on balance between environment protection and lifestyle around New Port Residences EC. There are plans by URA to develop solar-powered community energy. Communities will have affordable and eco-friendly dwellings, good public recreational facilities, quality health care, and jobs. It also plans to promote higher education and jobs. The development of sustainable and green towns will benefit the environment and society and the residents of . There are already many sustainable eco towns in Malaysia.

New Port Residences EC will include eco-friendly features like smart lighting in common areas, centralised chutes for recycling, and automated waste collection. The innovative eco-tech town also aims to incorporate digital applications for residents to monitor energy consumption and conserve resources. Digital Eco Boards will be installed in public areas to reflect tips on sustainability. MyTengah and OneTengah will allow residents and municipal operators to monitor their energy usage.

Smart technologies

The new sustainable and green eco town at New Port Residences EC has been designed to integrate smart technologies into the daily lives of its residents. Smart technologies are being implemented in all aspects of the town, including the design of the community’s infrastructure. The new town’s layout will be planned to integrate with nature and the surrounding community, providing a unique town environment and promoting resource efficiency. The new town will have eco-friendly features, such as dual bicycle rack systems and greenery.

Car-free town centre

A car-free town centre is a feature of the eco-friendly approach in the development of Tengah at New Port Residences EC, a new community in Singapore’s southwest. The subterranean roads separate the pedestrian areas from the motor traffic, allowing New Port Residences EC residents and visitors to walk and cycle throughout the town centre. Residents and visitors will enjoy easy access to shopping centres, MRT stations, and green spaces. A sustainable approach to building a city will be evident in the future design of this eco-town.

A new town centre at Tengah will be free of cars, with a park in the middle and dedicated walking and cycling paths connecting the neighbourhoods. New Port Residences EC town centre will be located in parkland and will run beneath the parkland, making it a more pedestrian-friendly environment. Traffic will be shifted underground, making the town centre much more convenient for community events and activities.

Smart energy management system

The new sustainable eco town will feature two innovative waste disposal systems for the benefit of New Port Residences EC. The Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System (PWCS) will collect household waste through a vacuum-type underground pipe network. Meanwhile, the Smart Waste Management System will convert household waste into thermal energy to reduce carbon emissions. New Port Residences EC Residents of Tengah will be contributing to a zero-waste future. By embracing a sustainable lifestyle, they will help make Singapore a zero-waste city.

SP will also roll out EV charging solutions in Tengah Town at New Port Residences EC, including fast chargers augmented by energy storage systems and renewables. Fast-Charging Hubs will enable drivers in the neighbourhood centre to charge their EVs quickly around New Port Residences EC location. SP is also implementing a digital platform for the town, called OneTengah, which integrates data from various platforms to improve energy management control. The system will also provide green tips to reduce consumption and encourage sustainable behavior.

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