Staying in Jurong East Singapore

Staying in Jurong East Singapore

The ideal place to go to relax and unwind is the Jurong East beach. You can easily find this particular beach in the vicinity of the Sentosa island. Many tourists flock to the beach in the morning and spend the day relaxing. Many choose to stay at Jurong East beach for its natural beauty and serenity.

The area around the beach has many activities lined up for tourists who want to take a rest and do some beach fun. This is also the area that is frequented by the locals who live in the sloping areas towards the sea shore. Staying at a holiday park in the area makes you feel right at home.

The holiday park offers various facilities for tourists to make their stay more enjoyable. One such facility is a shaded outdoor pool with waterfalls. The pool is surrounded by trees and the view is magnificent. The pool is open through the weekends. On weekdays, Jurong East hosts an outdoor restaurant where you can have dinner and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.

There are many holiday parks in Singapore. However, none offer the beaches and surroundings that a holiday park in Jurong East does. Many holiday parks in Singapore charge high entry fees and the tourists do not get the relaxation they seek. When you visit a holiday park in Singapore, you get all the relaxation you crave for at a low cost.

Some holiday parks in Singapore charge heavy entry fees but when you visit a holiday park in Singapore, you will be given free entry. What is better than having a peaceful time at a holiday park in Singapore? Your family can sit out together and have fun. You can play as a team and work towards winning a prize. Who wouldn’t want to do all these things?

When you are staying at a holiday resort in Jurong East, you will find the price of the hotel is very reasonable. It is far away from the central business district of Singapore. Therefore, the rooms are quiet and clean. The hotel reception is also great. The beach front hotel is just minutes away from the beach so your kids can enjoy the beach and the beautiful surrounding nature.

Hotels in Jurong East are also quite popular among tourists. Most of the hotels here are around the central business district. Some of the holiday parks are located just meters away from the beach. When you are staying at a holiday park in Jurong East, you can have an easy time going to the beach.

The hotel offers many amenities such as restaurants, bars and a shopping mall. All these features make it an ideal place for you to have a peaceful vacation. If you plan to stay at a holiday park in Jurong East, it will be a good idea to book early. The prices are very competitive and holiday parks generally increase their rates if you book early. Once you come to visit this beautiful part of Singapore, you will never want to leave. It is a place filled with culture, nature and wildlife.

You can get to know more about the holiday parks by visiting its website. There is a lot of information available on this site. This website provides many facilities such as accommodation, transport and shopping mall. The holiday park offers many facilities for tourists such as free entry, free entertainment, free entry for families and many more. The holiday park has a small shopping mall which has many different varieties of food items such as Chinese food, Indian food and many other local foods.

The holiday park is located just a few hundred meters away from the airport and is right on the water. Many international flights landing in Singapore have originated from this holiday park. If you get tired of shopping, there are many restaurants and cafes here where you can eat your fill of delicious food. Staying at Jurong East gives you the opportunity to explore the underwater life of Singapore.

This place is very safe for kids. It has a very clean and green environment. If you have children, it is advisable that you take them to Jurong East during their Singapore holiday tour. There are many places for children in the holiday park and there is always a babysitter available. Also, there are many taxis and buses nearby so that you do not have to worry much about transportation.

Jurong East is the place to be if you want to experience a unique holiday adventure. Located on the East coast of Singapore, it is a great place for kids and parents alike. The holiday park has many attractions for all the family including restaurants and a shopping mall. When you are done with shopping, there are many wonderful things to do including water sports and enjoying the beach. The holiday park has some fantastic water slides for the kids to enjoy and if they get tired of swimming, there are many indoor playgrounds here where they can play.

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