Staying in the East Part of Singapore

Staying in the East Part of Singapore

A trip to the east part of Singapore is bound to be a pleasant one. Here, all the major shopping malls are in place. Most visitors to this part of the country to head out to the popular shopping spots in Orchard Road and Oxford Street. Those who want a more exclusive shopping experience should head out to the exclusive Changi Village. This village is located next to the Changi International Airport.

The best thing about shopping here is that the prices here are not only affordable but also very competitive. There are many local shops here where tourists can buy all kinds of goods. Apart from this, there are many foreign shopping stores as well. There are many international hotels located next to various shopping complexes and hotels.

The most popular aspect of this whole region is the White Sands shopping mall. White Sands is ideal for families who want to spend some time on the beach. While there, they can participate in activities like shopping, dining or simply a cup of coffee. The area is filled with tourists all through the year; thus, it is important to plan in advance if one wants to get a good spot for shopping.

The white sands and the natural beauty of the place lure many tourists. The shopping centres in the East are all very close to the beach. The shopping here never stops because there are always fresh flowers, fruits, spices and other items available. The tourists visiting this area also get to experience the East Asia food culture. The food ranges from Japanese, Chinese, Malay food to European and American cuisines.

The Chingay festival is celebrated in the month of February. This festival includes a lot of activities such as boat races, singing, dancing, rituals, etc. The white sands of these beaches are just a backdrop for all the celebrations. Most of the tourists spend their time relaxing on the sunny white beaches and taking part in the various festivities.

The next most popular shopping centre in East Asia is the Xian Centre. This shopping centre attracts people from across the globe. The cuisine of this place is unique with Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese influences. Apart from the regular local dishes, the tourists can buy unique and exotic treasures such as lacquerware, silverware, glassware and other artifacts. If one wishes to shop till you drop, the Xian Centre is the centre to be reckoned with.

The Joo Joon International Shopping Centre is the third best tourist attraction in the area. It has the largest collection of traditional and modern designer products. Some of the designer labels that are available here include Prada, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Celine, Dior, Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo, Burberry, etc. There are ample of high-end stores in this mall. The beach around here is also very attractive, which makes the tourists feel comfortable and at home.

East Asia is an amazing place. People coming here will get a chance to experience a different culture, lifestyle and traditions. The places mentioned in this article are just few of the numerous tourist attractions, one can come across while staying in East Asia. One should not miss out visiting these destinations during his or her stay in East Asia.

In Japan, there are many popular tourist spots. Some of them are the cherry blossom trees, waterfalls, temples, parks, shrines and many more. This region is known for its unique culture, fashion and history. As far as shopping is concerned, this place has a lot to offer. Some of the top shopping malls in this country include the Tokyo Metropolitan Shopping Centre, Shibuya Centre and the Sankeibara Tokyo.



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