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Tengah EC Updates

: New Development Launching soon by CDL MCL Land.

: Development mins walk away from Tengah Garden Central.

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Tengah EC Project Details
Project NameTengah EC
Address of DevelopmentTengah Garden Walk EC
Project DeveloperCDL and MCL Land
Tenure99 Years Development
DistrictTo Be Advised
Site Area2.2Ha
Gross Floor AreaTo Be Advised
No of BlocksTo Be Advised
No of StoreysTo Be Advised
No of Units615 Units
TOPTo Be Advised

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    Tengah EC Location at Tengah Town Map
    Tengah Town Near to Tengah Garden Walk EC
    Tengah Garden Walk EC Location

    Tengah EC Executive Condominium Located at Tengah Smart and Sustainable Town

    Tengah EC is a new Executive Condominium located at the heart of Tengah Town located at Tengah Garden Walk. The Executive Condominium is located in one of the most highly sought after new township of Tengah that features greenflies as well as smart features in the latest Master Plan by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) of Singapore.

    As Singapore transitions into a green city, there will be many green features and sustainable Eco-features to make Tengah Town one of the leading examples of a green township that features lesser carbon footprint and Tengah EC will be one of the first executive condominium to benefit from these new features. Tengah Garden Walk EC will be part of the unique transformation of Tengah Town where a good mix of technology and nature fills the mind of a affluent Executive Condominium Investor such as Tengah Garden Walk EC which is located near to Tengah MRT Station.

    Plans for Tengah EC is located at Evergreen Forest Town which is part of the blueprint of Tengah Town that incorporates a greater sense of relief in the green township that enhance the quality of life for the residents. The town will have more green features with more amenities to cater to the younger population in this new town that will be primarily working from home. This will help to foster a sense of greater community for Tengah EC and for the residents to better interact with another.

    Tengah EC Near to Tengah MRT Station and Tengah Plantation MRT Station

    Tengah Garden Walk EC is located right at the heart of Tengah Town that also features many green modes of transport to reduce the carbon footprint which is in line with the aspirations of the government to reduce green houses gases. Tengah EC residents will get to enjoy the newly opened Tengah MRT Station as well as many of the broad and long cycling paths to connect other parts of Tengah Garden Walk EC to other parts of Tengah Town. The plan of Tengah Town is such as many of the residential estates such as Tengah EC as well as other housing estates will be within a short walk away from an MRT Station to promote Tengah Town as a car lite environment especially the town centre which is just a few minutes walk from Tengah Garden Walk EC. The roads will run beneath the town centre saving precious first floor space to cater to the residents of Tengah Town for more commercial and recreational spaces or simply green spaces for the kids to run about.

    Tengah EC is also located right at the heart of Tengah Town where amenities and facilities are complete and a short distance away and these include medical facilities as well as sports hub to promote an active lifestyle.  Tengah Garden Walk EC will be well connected to other parts of the town through transport nodes and other facilities.

    There are many ways Tengah EC will benefit from these initiates by the government to make this EC one of the most advanced developments with many smart features that is available in Tengah Town.

    Govenment Land Sales Programme 2022 2 Plots of Land at Tengah Town

    Look at the recent government land sales programme in 2022 indicate that there are actually two plots of land located at Tengah MRT station. This is located at the new Tengah town at District 24 which is a new district that is under the government land sales programme as well as URA plan to indicate more housing estate in the west area of Singapore. Currently, the west side of Singapore do not have much housing estate and there are also indications that there are many HDB upgraders who are keen to upgrade further and remain in the west side of Singapore.

    2022 Government Land Sales Programme Tengah EC

    Therefore under the 2022 government land sales programme, there are two plots of executive condominium land that is available for sale and tender by real estate developers. The first one is Tengah EC which is located at Tengah Garden Walk and the name of the project is Tengah EC. Tengah EC actually received good response from HDB upgraders who are looking for a brand-new condo in this district. The project is already 76% so and the sales momentum for this project continues and the second timers for Copan grand located at the garden walk should be available soon.

    Tengah Park MRT Station and Bukit Batok West MRT Station

    Also, it is indicated in the 20222 half government land sales programme that there is another plot of land that available.is also quite good located as is near to Tengah Park MRT station as well as Bukit Batok West MRT station. Residents of this development who prefer to take public transport will welcome this as it is near to MRT station and minutes walk away from the Jurong region line. If you are existing car owner you can also travel to other parts of Singapore using the Pan Island Expressway which is the right next to the Tengah Plantation Loop EC. The existing Jurong town Hall Road also allow the residents to travel to other parts of Singapore including Jurong West as well as the Clementi area. Tengah Plantation Loop EC is also highly anticipated given that it is located near to the Jurong Lake District where there are many amenities available for the residents. The shopping centres at Jurong East also adds value to the development such as Westgate and Jurong East Mall.

    Shopping CentresSchoolsPlaces of Interest
    Hillion Mall
    Bukit Panjang Primary SchoolBukit Batok Nature Park
    Bukit Panjang Plaza
    Bukit Panjang Government High School Bukit Batok Town Park
    Junction 10
    Zhenghua Secondary School Bukit Batok Town Hub
    Greenridge Shopping Centre
    Fajar Secondary School Bukit Panjang Greenway
    West Spring Secondary School Fajar Shopping Centre
    Assumption Pathway SchoolBukit Panjang Hawker Centre
    Bukit View Primary School
    Bukit Panjang Fire Station
    Big Box
    Bukit Batok Secondary School
    Bukit Panjang Stadium
    IMM Shopping MallHillgrove Secondary School
    Bukit Panjang Park Connector
    Millennia Institute Bukit Batok East Community Club

    Wide Range of Shopping Centres Located Near Tengah EC

    Shopping Centres at Bukit Batok are popular amongst locals and visitors alike. Located in the western part of Singapore, Tengah EC area is known for its vibrant shopping scene and many retail outlets. There are a number of shopping malls in Bukit Batok, including West Mall, Bukit Panjang Plaza and Bukit Timah Plaza. The shopping centres at Bukit Batok offer a wide variety of shops and services, ranging from supermarkets to electronics stores and clothing boutiques.

    West Mall

    West Mall is the largest shopping centre in the area, offering more than 500 stores and services. It has a variety of retail shops and services, including department stores, food outlets, entertainment venues, spas, beauty salons and more. The mall also has a large food court, offering a wide selection of local and international cuisine. This benefits the residents of Tengah EC as it is around the area.

    Bukit Panjang Plaza

    Bukit Panjang Plaza is another popular shopping mall in Bukit Batok. It has a large number of stores and services, including department stores, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes and more. The mall also has a large food court, offering a wide selection of local and international cuisine.

    Bukit Timah Plaza

    Bukit Timah Plaza is a smaller shopping centre compared to West Mall and Bukit Panjang Plaza near to Tengah EC area. It has a limited selection of stores and services, but still offers a great range of products and services. The mall also has a food court, offering a variety of local and international cuisine.

    Overall, the shopping centres at Bukit Batok offer a great variety of retail stores and services. All the malls are well-maintained and offer a pleasant shopping experience. The shopping centres also have good security and safety measures in place, so customers can feel safe and secure when shopping. The shopping centres offer a great range of products and services, making it a great place to spend time.

    Shopping Centres at Jurong East

    Jurong East is a popular suburb in Singapore, located in the west of the country. The area is known for its shopping centres near to Jurong East area, which are among the best in the country. The shopping centres in Jurong East offer a wide variety of retail outlets, ranging from supermarkets to electronics stores, clothing boutiques and more. The area is also home to some of the largest shopping malls in Singapore, including IMM, Jem and Westgate.


    IMM is one of the largest shopping centres in Singapore. It has more than 500 stores and services, including department stores, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes and more. The mall also has a large food court, offering a wide selection of local and international cuisine.


    Jem is another popular shopping mall in Jurong East. It has a wide selection of stores and services, including department stores, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes and more. The mall also has a large food court, offering a variety of local and international cuisine.


    Westgate is the smallest shopping centre in the area, but still offers a great variety of products and services. The mall also has a food court, offering a wide selection of local and international cuisine.

    Overall, the shopping centres at Jurong East offer a great variety of retail stores and services. All the malls are well-maintained, and offer a pleasant shopping experience. The shopping centres also have good security and safety measures in place, so customers can feel safe and secure when shopping. The shopping centres offer a great range of products and services, making it a great place to spend time.

    Tengah Exective Condominium at New Eco Tengah Town
    Tengah EC Green Ecotown

    Origins of Tengah Town

    Tengah Estate is one of the last few large plots of land in Singapore that has yet to undergo transformation to cater to the growing population. The area is bounded by mature housing estates such as Jurong, Choa Chu Kang as well as Bukit Batok and therefore Tengah EC is highly accessible to these towns as well making it a convenient location to stay in the North Western part of Singapore. Tengah Town was actually part of British Royal Air Force and today the air base still remains and is Tengah Air Base which is still operation today.

    Development and expansion of Tengah Town continued apace. This brought in a huge influx of local workers and Chinese people, who made up a majority of the town’s population around Tengah EC. New schools, including a nursing college, were built, and a number of government offices were established here. The port, which had formerly been used for fishing boats, was transformed into a more efficient shipping and gambling facility. Also, a number of industries developed around the port area, including the electronics industry.

    With the passage of time, the demand for housing in this small Tengah EC town rose sharply, resulting in a rapid growth in the population. Immigration patterns were also influenced by local conditions and changes in lifestyle. One of these was the opening of the Manukau immigration Port in the mid-19th century. Several Chinese localities began to settle here, taking advantage of the cheaper rates charged by the British and immigrating to Australia.

    The arrival of the British in Singapore in the 19th century led to the creation of what is now known as Tengah Town. Its rise in importance as a trading post and later, a town developed around a Chinese fishing port and shipping center made it the center of trade and industry for the region. The area was known for its tobacco, copper and rubber, among other resources. This gave the town an economic development unmatched in other areas of Singapore. Today, Tengah EC is located right at the heart of Tengah Town which is a unique blend of history combined with modern amenities right at your doorstep.

    The bid for Tengah EC located at Tengah Garden Walk was one of the most highly anticipated given that it is one of the rare ECs that is located near to Tengah MRT Station that is a new town. The top bid for the plot of land was submitted by a joint venture between CDL and MCL Land Taurus Properties SG and the top bid submitted was at $603psf ppr which is higher than the previous record of $583psf ppr for Sumang Walk EC. A note that a previous plot of land at Yishun Avenue 9 was also sold for at $576 psf ppr and Tengah EC land price at Tengah Garden Walk is higher.

    Tengah EC at Tengah Town Near to Nature Reserve

    Tengah EC is also prized for its location that is near to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve which is near to many greeneries and a large catch of nature reserve across Bukit Timah. This means that Tengah EC will be near to many of the amenities that buyers are looking at for a morning exercise as well as some nature during the weekend. ECs are a hybrid between a private condo and a HDB as they are available only to Singaporeans during the initial launch phase and must fulfill the relevant application criteria such as married couples or other eligibility criteria. Investors at Tengah Garden Walk EC can look to profit from the sale of the EC when the development reach the Minimum Occupational Period in 5 Years after completion and owners can resell to other Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. Tengah EC will also be fully privatized after it reached the 10 Years age after completion.

    Tengah EC Located at Tengah Town Centre

    A look at the history of Singapore shows that it is actually quite hard to put 2 things together. That is, putting together tall skyscapers in a HDB setting to house all the inhabitants as well as nature reserve. The new Tengah Town where Tengah EC is located sets to change this with the idea that a huge car lite metropolis town can be build in Tengah Town with a car free centre at the heart of Tengah Town Centre. The idea of putting these 2 together seems impossible with also the notion that the town is to have many green features to remove the carbon footprint of the city. There will be a new creation of 5 districts in Tengah Town each with different aspects and features and this will be the skeleton which Tengah EC will be constucted upon.

    Shopping Centres Located Near to Tengah EC

    Being located near to Shopping Malls is one of the most important considerations when searching for a property to invest in. Tengah EC is located in the heart of Tengah Town where there it is near to many shopping malls around the Tengah Town. There are also many shopping centres which are also located in the neighbouring towns such as Bukit Batok and Jurong East making residents of Tengah Garden Walk EC highly accessible to other parts of Singapore. A good example of a nearby shopping centre would be the newly opened Le Quest which have anchor tenants such as NTUC Fairprice finest as well as Koufu foodcourt which residents of Tengah EC will be able to get their daily necessities from. Please see some of the shopping centres that are located near to Tengah Garden Walk EC

    • West Mall
    • IMM
    • JCube
    • Jurong Point
    • Junction 10
    • Hillion mall
    • Teck Whye Shopping Centre
    • Westgate

    West Mall Located Near to Tengah EC

    West Mall Shopping Centre

    West Mall Shopping Centre is a big multi-purpose mall located around Tengah EC near to Bukit Batok MRT Station. It is one of the busiest malls in the west and it houses many restaurants and retail outlets.

    To cater to the needs of Tengah EC and Tengah Town residents alike, the mall has a wide range of eateries, and restaurants to serve daily. Apart from the great number of eateries serving different cuisines, there are also retail shops at West Mall Shopping Centres that serve international and national cuisines, and at the very same time, offer excellent value for money. The location is convenient as they are situated just a few steps away from Bukit Batok MRT and are within walking distance to the restaurants, the cinema, and the supermarket. Tengah EC or Executive Condominiums offers some very unique features and amenities to residents here. It is located on the forefront of the exciting and vibrant Tengah Green District. These residential communities are fully equipped with some of the best and latest in green building technologies and eco-friendly materials. The community offers a lot of recreational activities for residents and visitors. Tengah EC Community is strategically located near Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and one can indulge in a wide range of activities such as bird watching, trekking, canoeing and kayaking. Tengah EC eco-friendly town also has a smart public transportation system build around Choa Chu Kang and Tengah Plantation MRT Station which provides easy access to the town’s centre and all other attractions. Tengah EC Centre has a green belt which separates it from the rest of the settlement and provides a greener environment for the residents.

    The main attraction of West Mall Shopping Centre is the huge collection of modern designer boutiques, restaurants and cafes that have been built in the Plaza de la Constitucion and alongside the western end of the mall. Tengah EC residents love this place because it offers them a great help especially when it comes to looking for souvenirs and gifts. West Mall Shopping Centre has various restaurants, cafes, gift shops, movie theatres and hotels that have been built right next to the mall for Tengah EC location. They provide a great help to the Tengah EC residents especially the kids who love collecting things and looking for gifts everywhere they go. The kids here can also help with their mother’s concerns when it comes to household chores and other stuffs. Apart from the restaurants there are several retail stores where you can buy various products such as garments, shoes, bags, jewelries, electrical appliances and snacks.

    Tengah EC Near to Westgate Shopping Mall Jurong

    West Gate Shopping Mall

    Westgate Shopping Mall is a popular shopping mall at Jurong East near to Tengah EC. This is one of the largest malls in the West with over 400 shops, restaurants, hotels, spas, and other businesses that offer an amazing shopping experience.

    There are many eating houses and restaurants within the mall that serving cuisines from around the world. The restaurants serve cuisines such as Indian, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, French, and also Thai. There are so many restaurants serving up some of the best Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and French food in Singapore. Westgate Shopping Mall at Tengah EC location also provides customers with a variety of shopping options, and they can get their favourite designer wear and toys from here.

    Westgate Shopping Mall is also home to many retail shops and other stores selling gift and accessories that offers a good experience for Tengah EC residents. They have a number of exclusive shops and restaurants for customers to choose from. The restaurants here serve up excellent local and International food. Westgate Shopping mall is not only a place of shopping but also a perfect place to spend your leisure time while here.

    Tengah EC Close to Tengah Plantation MRT Station

    Tengah Garden Walk EC Located Near to Public Transport and Expressways

    Tengah Garden Walk EC location is located right at the heart of Tengah Town which is well served by 2 MRT Stations which is Tengah MRT Station as well as Tengah Plantation MRT Station. These 2 MRT Stations serve as the backbone of the transporation of Tengah Town residents to get to other parts of Singapore such as Jurong East, Bukit Batok, Choa Chu Kang and Bukit Panjang seamlessly. The North-South Line at Bukit Batok which is the Red Line also serves the residents to other parts of Singapore such as Woodlands and Yishun. There are also many buses along the existing Bukit Batok Bus Interchange as well.

    The residents of Tengah Executive Condominium Community are very active and participate in a wide range of community projects and activities. Tengah Centre organizes a number of social and cultural events on a regular basis. It also provides the residents with an array of recreational facilities including a swimming pool, a basketball court, a fitness and gymnasium, a mini golf course, a community hall, a library and an auditorium.

    Tengah Town is also uniquely positioned to be advantageous to car owners as Tengah EC is located near to many expressways which serves other parts of Singapore. The existing Kranji Expressway (KJE), Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) and Pan Island Expressway (PIE). The expressways enbale residents to travel to other parts of Singapore seamlessly and cut down the traffic times significantly. The expressways also connect directly to Marina Bay, Orchard, as well as the Central Business District (CBD).

    Tengah Garden Walk EC is the first plot of land which is under the Government Land Sales scheme to be launched in Tengah Town as a semi-private hybrid development for owners who are keenly keeping a lookout for private developments. Tengah EC is anticipated to be well received given that it is one of the very first plot of land to be for sale under the government land sales programme. It is released on H2 2020 under the confirmed list and is widely anticipated by the public as Tengah EC is presented to be a green condominium with many green features to cater to the residents of Tengah Town.

    Tengah EC at Tengah Town Near to Forest Hill District

    Tengah EC Site Building Plan by Developer

    With the current demand for developed executive condominiums like Tengah Garden Walk EC, the developer aim to upgrade and renew the extensive site into a premium-quality residential project that every homeowner would be delighted to occupy.  As the latest Housing and Development Board (HDB) town and the first EC in the locale with an estimated land size of 22,020 square meters and a maximum gross floor area of 61,659 square meters, Tengah Garden Walk EC site is envisioned to have 12 blocks of up to 14 stories each, with around 620 residential units with immense landscaping. The property’s design aims to fulfill the BCA Green Mark GoldPLUS or the super low energy rating following the conditions of tender for the land.

    Tengah Garden Walk EC Site is strategically located near the three upcoming MRT stations at the future Jurong Region Line (JRL), Singapore’s seventh MRT line that aims to boost connectivity in western Singapore, as it will connect the north-western and western parts of the vast city-state. As promised by Tan Wee Hsien, chief executive officer of MCL Land, Tengah EC project will have the use of impressive transportation connectivity. This first executive condominium at the new location in the West is also one of the rare EC sites within walking distance to the upcoming stations.

    The other pending transportation progressions include a bus terminal near the vicinity for Tengah EC. The site is also only a 10-minute walk to Tengah’s upcoming car-free town center, with the efforts of the town to support Singapore’s commitment to a car-lite and people-friendly environment. With the separation of pedestrian roads from road traffic, the town center will be a perfect place for walking, cycling, and recreational engagements. When it comes to the residents who own private cars and those who commute every day, there is also nothing to worry about as it only has light traffic that can help residents easily travel to and from the site.

    Tengah Garden Walk EC Site considers the property’s proximity to schools as a factor to look at when choosing where to reside, as education is vital in everyone’s life. The site is surrounded by multiple known primary schools, including Shuqun Primary School and Princess Elizabeth Primary School – both within a 2-kilometer radius of the site. Tengah EC also has great proximity to some secondary schools, such as River Valley High School, Dulwich College of Singapore, and the Lakeside Campus of Canadian International School. Overall, it has 12 plots of land zoned for education institutions within Tengah, and all are within 2 kilometers of the EC site.

    Tengah Garden Walk EC Site is conveniently situated near the Central Business District as it is only less than a 30-minute drive. Tengah EC site has good proximity to the Jurong Innovation District, a premium hub that aims to become a global leader in advanced manufacturing. It is also near the Jurong Lake District, Singapore’s second central business district and the largest commercial and regional center outside the city-state’s city center. The Taurus Properties also has numerous proposed business developments, including a community club, sports center, and health care near the vicinity of the site.

    Tengah Garden Walk EC Site in “Forest Town” Tengah

    Tengah Garden Walk EC Site draws inspiration from nature to create a life of growth and wellness through total relaxation, unwinding, and physical rejuvenation. Innumerable species of plants, shrubs, trees, and flowers, as well as water features, have been specifically nurtured to purify and improve the air and atmosphere of the nature that surrounds you, energizing your body and mind on your entire stay at the site.

    Located in the town is the holistic environment the garden boasts, making Tengah EC the city-state’s first sustainable town with several green features. It was dubbed as the “Evergreen Forest Town” of Singapore because it paved the way for the concept of a metropolis with enormous trees towering over pedestrians surrounded by urban buildings. It used to be a concept that was impossible to visualize before as big trees do not usually come with metropolitan establishments, hence the driven town of Tengah EC’s perseverance to change all of that with its ideal urban development project that centers on nature and the community. There is a Plantation District in town that will serve as the roots of community farming, with a Community Farm-way growing through the precincts. It will be the home of nature activities such as farmers’ markets and “farm-to-table” dining.

    With the town’s five distinct districts, the richness of trees, bicycles, distinguished wooden structures, urban buildings, and a car-free town center, there is no doubt that it truly is a town where technology perfectly fits the natural world. Indeed, there is no better place for Tengah Garden Walk EC Site to be other than the “Evergreen Forest Town.”

    Tengah as the New Housing and Development Board (HDB) town with Smart Technologies

    Not only is Tengah EC rich in different types of greeneries, but it is also abundant in technologies, making it the first smart town of Singapore known for its unique identity that provides residents new living and recreational opportunities. Not only is it a residence for homeowners, but it is also a working space for people who wish to achieve a work-life balance in the Western region of Singapore. For the convenience and comfort of the residents of the town that is three-quarters the size of Punggol, there will be comprehensive and communal facilities at the town, district, and precinct. Tengah ensures that smart planning, smart energy management, smart lighting, automated waste collection, smart-enabled homes, and a centralized cooling system are possible – all while maintaining the natural forest nature of the treasured town.

    Tengah and Its Five Housing Districts: Plantation, Garden, Park, Brickland, and Forest Hill

    Centrally bounded by neighboring districts, namely Choa Chu Kang, Bukit Panjang, Jurong West, and the Western Water Catchment, the 700-hectare town that is roughly the size of Bishan town consists of five unique housing districts, namely Plantation, Garden, Park, Brickland, and Forest Hill – all with distinctive designs according to their distinct character.

    The first public housing development at the new Tengah town, namely Plantation Grove, is situated in the Plantation District, as it is the first out of five districts to be built by HDB. The Plantation Grove that was launched in 2018 aims to provide a peaceful and homely environment for the homeowners, with the residents being able to take advantage of the Forest Fringe, a 15- to 20-meter wide linear green that adds serenity and tranquility to the atmosphere; and the Plantation Farm-way, a recreational passageway perfect for community farming and gardening. Upon completion, the Plantation District is expected to have around 10,000 new homes covering about 90 hectares in the southern part of the town.

    Meanwhile, the Tengah Garden District at Tengah EC with over 6,000 new flats upon completion occupies an area of 80 hectares, about the size of the Botanic Gardens. This district with a garden-themed farm-way complements the ambiance of an urban sanctuary that is framed by Tengah Pond and Central Park, promoting communal activities and active living. It is also where the Garden Vale Tengah stands, the very first project completed in May 2019, creating grove-like spaces through the abundant landscaping and relaxing wooden courtyards complementing the surroundings.

    The third district to be launched in Tengah is the Park District, where residents of up to 7,200 units can have great proximity to a polyclinic, supermarket, food court, children center, and tuition centers upon completion of the neighborhood center in 2025. It is said to be the heart and hub of the town. This district is also the home of Singapore’s first car-free town center, where recreational and retail use will have a free space at the ground level while the roads are planned to run beneath it, providing safety to the residents who wish to cycle or walk. Like the first two districts, Park District showcases greenery with its numerous green spaces, such as the Central Park and Forest Corridor. The farm-ways within the district cover about 600 meters long and 40 meters wide on average.

    The other two districts where residential projects are yet to be finished are the Brickland District and the Forest Hill District. While the Brickland District situated next to Choa Chu Kang is said to be similar to the town’s industrial history in crafting bricks to give off a unique element to the estate, the Forest Hill District set near the town center and Jurong Industrial District is the perfect venue for residents to feel like they are living amidst nature, which is an asset to every estate and its homeowners.

    Several high-quality residential projects and developments are in store for the five booming districts for the next years to come. Its residents and homeowners are the town’s number one priority in considering what to innovate and develop, as they believe that happy residents equate to happy developers.

    Copen Grand EC at upcoming Tengah Town sold 73% of units on launch day

    The Copen Grand Executive Condo at Tengah Town sold 73% of its units on the first day. This is the second executive condominium (EC) launch in the Tengah Town district of Jurong West that has seen overwhelming response from home buyers.

    Copen Grand Executive Condo at Tengah Town is located in the heart of the Western Region of Singapore, providing easy access to various transport networks, shopping centres, entertainment and dining options. It is within walking distance to the Tengah MRT station and is also near the Bukit Batok Nature Park, Bukit Batok Town Park and the Jurong Lake District.

    The development is developed by MCL Land, a reputable developer in Singapore. MCL Land has a proven track record in delivering quality homes and a total of 12,500 homes in the last 5 years.

    The success of Copen Grand Executive Condo at Tengah Town is due to its unique location, quality of the development and the amenities it provides. Buyers of ECs are enticed by the prospect of being able to own a home at a much lower price than private properties.

    The success of the development indicates the positive sentiment of the property market in Singapore. Buyers are once again looking towards the property market as a viable investment option due to current low mortgage rates and other attractive incentives.


    Government bumps up supply of private homes, office space for H1 2023

    The recent 2023H1 government land sales indicate that the government is bumping up the land supply for both private developments as well as executive condominiums in an effort to mitigate the shortage in real estate land that is available for developers to new new houses.

    The Ministry of National Development (MND) as well as the Urban Redevelopment of Authority (URA) of Singapore know that there will be a total of 4090 private homes under the 2023H1 GLS that will be available for the developers to bid. The 4090 private homes include 700 executive condominium units that will be available for builders to bid. Specifically Tengah Plantation Loop EC as well as Tengah plantation Close EC s are available for developers to secure given the recent sales of Copan Grand has received good support from developers.

    You can also be seen that the recent H12023 confirm land sales have indicated that the government is also including white sites along the Jurong East MRT station as well as the Jurong Lake district to include more land in effort to decentralise the central business district.

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