Tengah EC Location at Tengah Garden Town

Tengah Garden Walk EC Updates

: New Development Launching soon by CDL MCL Land.

: Development mins walk away from Tengah Garden Central.

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Tengah EC Location at Tengah District

The Tengah EC is a sustainable eco-park which is fenced off and protected by a Special Management Area. As the first EC in the region, it will serve as a focal point for the sustainable ecosystem. It will be an ideal place for residents and foreigners to settle in. In fact, many foreigners are expected to move to this town once it is developed.

Situated near Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and other greeneries, Tengah EC is designed to incorporate elements of nature in the town. The development will feature many plant species, pollinating insects, and other ecosystems that benefit the environment. Tengah EC will also encourage its residents to take part in green initiatives and maintain the town’s clean and green environment. The new town center will also be a great place to meet the needs of residents.

Ideally located near the Chinese University, the EC will have a number of advantages that make it a good choice for families. It is also near several transport hubs, including the Jurong Innovation District, Pan Island Expressway, and the Kranji Expressway. This area is perfect for families, as it is near the central business district and is convenient for commuters.

The location of Tengah EC is convenient for both working professionals and retirees. Its smart design and sustainable infrastructure are great reasons to live there. Green features include wind turbines and solar panels. The community will also have a water conservation center. It is near three MRT stations, which makes it convenient for commuters. Aside from its convenient location, Tengah EC is a great place to retire and spend your time enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

The Tengah EC will be built along the creek, next to a park. It is near the future Tengah MRT station, the Jurong Innovation District, the Kranji Expressway, and the Pan Island Expressway. The town centre will be a hub for a variety of dining and retail options. Future developments will include a bus interchange and a sports centre.

The concept of the new town is a hybrid of old and new, combining a traditional urban environment with a modern sustainable community. Tengah EC will feature a pedestrian mall that will link the town to its neighbouring towns and provide more recreational facilities for residents. The town will be integrated with the Jurong Innovation District, a hub for innovative manufacturing companies. Alongside the mall, residents will also have access to a sports centre, a polyclinic, a central distribution board and smart switched socks.

This smart sustainable town will feature several features that minimize its carbon footprint. This includes efficient lighting, regenerative lifts, a rainwater collection system, and an automated waste collection system. A car-free town centre is another feature of the town. Among its other sustainable features are green parks, water-efficient buildings, and a highly-efficient cooling system. These features make it a unique place to live, work, and study.

The city of Tengah is home to a water conservancy centre. The city is divided into five districts, each of which will have its own unique features. Together, these districts will make up the skeleton of Tengah EC. Here are some of the highlights of the area:

The EC in Tengah District will feature an array of green features, including smart condominiums, which are designed to be energy-efficient and sustainable. Its location is surrounded by several nature reserves and greeneries, making it ideal for weekend outdoor activities. Tengah EC is located in the Jurong Region Line MRT station, which aims to improve the connectivity in the western part of the city. ECs are also close to various bus routes and train stations.

Another important feature of Tengah EC is its proximity to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Residents have easy access to major commercial and recreational hubs and local shopping centres. The community also has easy access to government land sales. Purchasing a property here is a good investment in Tengah District. Its proximity to the CBD, a major transport hub, and several amenities make it a desirable choice for any buyer.

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