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The Correct Way to Remove Laminate Flooring

The Correct Way to Remove Laminate Flooring

To remove laminate flooring is a little more involved than most people realize. While laminate is fairly easy to install, it is not something that can be fixed with just any do-it-yourself effort. Laminate flooring has its own system of glues and nails that must be removed in order for the flooring to be removed properly. If you don’t take the time to learn how to remove this type of flooring the wrong way, your flooring will be permanently damaged. If this happens, you will need to replace the entire floor.

The most common way to remove laminates is with some form of chemical glue. Most glues that you see used to install laminates are glue based. Before you even start you must make sure that the floor is completely dry and there are no liquid substances on the floor. Gluing a floor with glue may actually damage the boards beneath it as glue tends to leave a white residue on the boards.

Depending on the type of glue you use, you may need to use a nail or a sponge to remove the excess glue. Nail or sponge based adhesives generally do the best jobs when trying to remove the glue. Once the adhesive is removed you will need to focus on removing all traces of the glue including the boards beneath it. With the help of a power washer, you can then take all of the excess glue and fluff it up. This can be somewhat tricky, but if you follow the right steps, it shouldn’t be too difficult to accomplish.

One of the easiest ways to remove a laminate floor without damaging it is to use an electric floor stripper. These products are basically an electrical version of a floor stripper. The same principle applies. All that is required to remove the adhesive is to put the floor under the stripper. It will work with some models but it may not work for all.

Another way to remove a laminate floor that involves heating it is to place it over a hot pot of water. The floor will get hot and flash to an almost unbearable level. Once the glue on the floor is removed, you will be able to remove it using your knife. Be very careful when you do this process because the floor can become damaged if you are not careful.

If you find that none of the methods described above works for your laminate floor, you may want to try sanding it down. It is possible to purchase special tools that will help you to do this safely. It can also help to talk to someone who is experienced in removing laminate flooring. You may find that they can offer advice which will make things easier for you. The only problem with doing this is that you could cause more damage than if you had not done anything at all. It can be quite expensive to have it sanded if you do it yourself.

Laminate floors provide people with a great choice of styles and designs. However, they are not very hard wearing and durable. This means that if you have a lot of traffic on your floor it is important to use a more durable sealant. If you are having trouble finding one you can buy it from any home improvement store or from the manufacturers. There are also sealants available online that you can purchase to match the type of laminate you have.

To keep your laminate flooring looking its best, you will need to take care of it. Sweep and dust it daily and use a damp cloth to clean any dirt. A little wood polish can help to prolong the life of your floor. When you are done cleaning and polishing, you should allow it to dry fully before using any furniture. If you follow these simple steps you will soon see how good quality laminate flooring can look.

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