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: New Development Launching Soon by Chip Eng Seng. Yuan Ching Road Condo showflat available for viewing!

: Yuan Ching Road Condo Near to Lake Side MRT Station.

7-Jun-2022: Yuan Ching Condo e-brochure is now available for download here. The Gallery as well as Video of the development is uploaded.

5-Jun-2022: Please kindly register here for the latest VVIP dates and discounts.

2-Jun-2022: Check out the latest site plan and floorplan here.

1-Jun-2022:Please read more on the latest info on buyer stamp duty rates as well as the housing loan regulations on the latest TDSR Rates.

Yuan Ching Condo Project Details
Project NameYuan Ching Road Condo
Address of DevelopmentYuan Ching Road
Project DeveloperCapitaland
Tenure99 Years Leasehold
Site Areasq metres
Gross Floor Areasq metres
No of BlocksTo Be Advised
No of StoreysTo Be Advised
No of UnitsApproximately 280 Units

Location of Condo Launch

Yuan Ching Road Condo Former Park View Mansions

A Review of Upcoming Yuan Ching Road Condo Former Park View Mansions

While there are many new launches recently both in 2022 and 2023 that captivates the hearts and mind of investors looking for a good located property in the city fringe as well as the core city centre, the area of Lakeside as well as the Yuan Ching Road area seems to garner less interest and also lesser media attention on the area.

Contrary to popular opinion, Yuan Ching Road Condo is actually not a new development under the Government Land Sales both in the confirmed list as well as the reserved list. It is actually an enbloc that was successfully sold to the developer which is the former Park View Mansions. In this discussion we take a look at the amenities of Yuan Ching Road as well as how it appeals to young families who is looking at a great location in a serene part of Singapore for home stay.

There are many reasons why investors are keenly keeping a lookout for Yuan Ching Road Condo. A summary of some of the advantages of this development is discussed here.

The former Parkview Mansions joins the developments nearby which is Lakeside Towers as well as Lakeside Apartments which form the three trio that stands out as the true 3 developments right next to the Jurong Lake District. There are also plenty of amenities nearby including shopping centers and the fact that Yuan Ching Road condo is in a mature estate of Lakeside means that there are plenty of amenities for the residents as well as your family to enjoy. Transportation is also aplenty with all the expressways nearby as well as the major roads to the city. We will discuss in more detail below.

Jurong Lakeside Gardens Near Yuan Ching Road Condo

1. Wide Range of Amenities in Jurong East and Jurong West

Yuan Ching Road Condo residents is presented with the opportunity to be part of the community where access to Jurong East or Jurong West are easy and convenient. This means that plenty of shopping centers are nearby in these 2 towns for the residents of Yuan Ching Road Condo to use. For example, one could easily Jurong Point at Jurong West MRT Station via Corporation Road. Jurong Point is the heart of Jurong West as it is the main shopping center. To sastify your food cravings, there are many hawker centers nearby such as Boon Lay Place Food Village as well as Taman Jurong Food Centre.

Besides Jurong Point, Yuan Ching Road Condo residents can also rejoice that the shopping centers in Jurong East will be able to provide the amenities and this will be a good addition. The more popular ones in Jurong East include JEM (Jurong East Mall) as well as Westgate. These 2 shopping malls will be able to provide all the necessary groceries and food needed.

2. Well Connected to Other Parts of Singapore

While Yuan Ching Road Condo may not be located in the core city center, the fact that it is the former Park View Mansions located in the mature estate of Jurong Lakeside Gardens means that there are plenty of travel options be it by MRT or public buses. For owners who prefer to take the MRT, both Jurong East MRT Station and Jurong West MRT Station will be just a short drive away from Yuan Ching Road Condo. There are plans underway to built the Jurong Region Line and this sdadd more transportation options for those taking the MRT

As for car lovers who prefer to drive. , Yuan Ching Road Condo is located near to Ayer Rajar Expressway (AYE) as well as Pan Island Expressway (PIE). These 2 expressways will take you to the city directly as well as other Estates such as Bishan Or Ang Mo Kio. Unlike other developments, Yuan Ching Road Condo is a short drive away from these 2 expressways.

The owners can also rejoice given that Jurong East Bus Interchange and Jurong West Bus Interchange are nearby which will add to the list of public transportation options available.

3. Near to Nature and Green Spaces at Lakeside Garden

While Yuan Ching Road Condo at Lakeside might be one of the less known residential area of Jurong, Lakeside Gardens at Yuan Ching Road is known for its green space and serene environment that makes it an ideal neighborhood for own stay. A stroll along Lakeside Gardens brings a tranquil feel for family with the spacious ponds with lush green spaces that is perfect for your family seeking a tranquil lifestyle at Yuan Ching Road Condo.

Yuan Ching Road Condo is directly linked to Lakeside Gardens via Japanese Garden Road which connects to the Garden House of Lakeside Gardens. This sets ui Yuan Ching Road Condo as one of the very fee developments directly connected to a lush nature.

4. Huge Investment Potential As Backlog of Buyers

Yuan Ching Road Condo represents one of the very rare developments that is launching in the Lakeside area. The Lakeside area has been fully built up and a new development represents a good opportunity for investors who are looking for a brand new development in the Chinese Gardens and Lakeside area. A check show that the last development launching in the area is Lake Life EC at Tao Ching Road which is close to 10 years ago and therefore 1 can respect a great backlog of buyers keenly keeping a lookout in the area and therefore the magnitude of investment potential for buyers who managed to get a unit in Yuan Ching Road Condo.

Yuan Ching Road Condo at Lakeside Garden by Chip Eng Seng

Yuan Ching Road Condo Showflat

Please kindly register here for a exclusive invitation for Yuan Ching Road Condo showflat viewing. Yuan Ching Road Condo showflat might not be open during certain days and it is advisable to make an appointment first before heading to the showflat.

Kindly indicate your preferred timing and we will arrange an appointed salesperson for the showflat viewing. This is a developer appointed website and no commission is payable upon successful registering and securing a unit. Please kindly indicate your interest in the registration form provided. We will provide an email confirmation once a slot is confirmed.

The prices indicated in the website are for your reference before heading down to the showflat location. The location of the showflat is also hearby attached for your easy reference when heading down to the showflat. More details on the elevation chart as well as the balance units chart can be found here.

Please see Yuan Ching Road Condo Project Details and information for more details on the development. The project is launching very soon and more information will be available at this website.

Yuan Ching Road Condo details including the site plan and floor plan are available for download soon. The full e-brochure is available on this link as well.

Please do check out the various costs for securing a unit at Condo Launch including the stamp duty and payment schemes as well as housing loan interest rate and packages as well before heading over to the showflat. There is a strict lending rules on housing loan regulations dictated by Singapore Banks including the Total Debt to Service Ratio as well as other relevant information that is available.

Yuan Ching Road Condo

Yuan Ching Road Condo is located at Yuan Ching Road in District 22

Situated at Tao Ching Road in District 22, Yuan Ching Road Condo is a 99-Year Leasehold Condominium development. The development comprises of 546 residential units spread across 20 storeys. The condo offers standard amenities and facilities. The location is also convenient to major arterial roads.

Yuan Ching Road Condo is located near the Jurong Lakeside Club, and renowned schools. It is also close to the Singapore Science Centre and Jurong Bird Park. Developed by Chip Eng Seng, Yuan Ching Road Condo will house residential units ranging from two to five bedrooms, including penthouses.

Yuan Ching Road Condo features 546 residential units with 99-year leasehold tenure. It is within walking distance to several local amenities such as Taman Jurong Shopping Centre and Taman Jurong Market & Food Centre. Yuan Ching Road Condo is also in close proximity to the PIE and AYE. Considering its prime location, it is a great choice for families with school-going children.

Yuan Ching Road Condo is located near a lake and is surrounded by various facilities and amenities. It is an attractive development, and buyers can choose from a variety of unit designs to suit their needs. As an added bonus, Yuan Ching Road Condo offers rental opportunities for its owners, with rental income increasing in line with the unit’s design.

Yuan Ching Road Condo offers whole-package active life living

Yuan Ching Road Condo is situated near the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, which offers a variety of recreational facilities. Yuan Ching Road Condo are exclusive to Singaporeans and are intended for couples, but they are expected to attract both locals and foreign buyers. The proximity of Yuan Ching Road Condo to various recreational facilities and a lakeside MRT station should also attract many investors.

Yuan Ching Road Condo community is well-connected via nearby MRT stations and highways. Residents can access Lakeside MRT Station and the Ayer Rajah Expressway within a few minutes. In addition, EC is close to various educational and cultural institutions in Singapore.

Yuan Ching Road Condo is near three MRT stations

Yuan Ching Road Condo is a new condominium in the Jurong area. Yuan Ching Road Condo also offers access to many local amenities, including the Jurong Bird Park and Japanese and Chinese Gardens. Yuan Ching Road Condo is near the Jurong Lakeside Club. This is a great investment opportunity, as it offers a prime location with good rental yields. Yuan Ching Road Condo is near three MRT stations, including the Downtown Line, and a bus interchange. It is also near several shopping malls and public amenities.

Another benefit is its proximity to the Jurong Lake District, which is home to plenty of greenery and recreational facilities. If you’re looking to spend some time outdoors, you can head to Jurong Lake Park, Jurong Bird Park, and Jurong Science Centre. These attractions are all within 15 minutes’ drive. If you’re looking to commute, consider catching the bus or taking the MRT.

Yuan Ching Road Condo Near to Jurong Lake District

The Jurong Lakeside District is a premier example of integrated, smart planning near to Yuan Ching Road Condo. It is a commercial and leisure district near the Nanyang Technological University. Its transformation is evident in the large shopping malls that have opened in the district. These malls are attracting huge crowds every day. In addition, the Jurong Community Hospital and Ng Teng Fong General Hospital are located in the district. This has generated intense excitement and real estate interest in the area. As a result, J Gateway and Lake Life both sold out almost in one day.

Jurong Lakeside District (JLD) is a master-planned, mixed-use district that spans 410 hectares and is considered a model district for integrated smart planning. The district’s flexible zoning, phasing, and land tenure allows companies to experiment with new development concepts. The district’s greenery and lakes are also a key feature, which makes it an attractive location for businesses.

Jurong Lake Gardens Near to Chinese Garden Road Yuan Ching Road Condo

Jurong Lakeside District is a model district for integrated, smart planning

The Jurong Lakeside District will have 20,000 new homes, a vibrant streetscape, and a rich network of parks, water features, and leisure options. Yuan Ching Road Condo district’s design will make the most of its lakeside location. It will also feature generous green spaces, and a Green Loop that will connect parks and open spaces to the neighbourhoods.

The Lakeside Gateway development is expected to cover an area of between 4 and 5 million square metres and provide an array of commercial, community, and recreational facilities to residents, HSR passengers, and visitors. This new development will be seamlessly integrated with the rest of the Jurong Lakeside District and will be connected to existing transport nodes.

Jurong Lakeside District is a large expanse of water and land that is envisaged to become a world-class leisure destination near to Yuan Ching Road Condo. A new world-class Science Centre will anchor the district and be one of the main attractions, but the area will also host other family-oriented attractions. The area already boasts Jurong Bird Park, Chinese Garden, Japanese Garden, and other popular recreational attractions. The Government has begun encouraging the development of more attractions in the area, which will include hotels and F&R facilities.

Jurong Lakeside District (JLD) is near Nanyang Technological University and has a high density of office space for Yuan Ching Road Condo. The district is surrounded by greenery, lakes, and parks. The JLD also has the capacity to add another eight million square feet of office space. It is also near the Tuas mega port and the High Speed Rail terminus.

The Jurong Lakeside District is also home to several international schools at Yuan Ching Road Condo. There is Lakeside Primary School, Rulang Primary School, Jurong Secondary School, Fuhua Secondary School, River Valley High School, and Canadian International School. Several foreign students live here as there are very few apartments available. A renowned school in the area is the Canadian International School, located between Lakeside and Chinese Garden MRT stations. It offers IB programmes for children from two to eighteen.

December 2022 records: 5-room DBSS in Jurong West sold for S$858k, 2-room HDB in Choa Chu Kang sold for S$318k

Yuan Ching Road properties has been gaining popularity among the residents of Singapore. There is news that a HDB unit near to the Jurong Lake District and there are many new amenities they’re coming up in the Jurong East area. For example, a recent news article indicating that the DBSS development at Lake Vista along Yuan Ching Road was sold our record price of $858,000. making it the most expensive 5 bedroom HDB resale unit in Jurong West.

There are many news recently that there are many $1 million HDB flats there are transacted in Singapore lately and many areas such as Jurong West and Yuan Ching road have seen their HDB flats getting closer to the $1 million mark. It is noted that this recent transaction at Yuan Ching Road is nowhere near any MRT station but it has a lot of amenities such as Sheng Siong supermarket as well as many shopping areas located near to the HDB as it is near to Super Bowl Jurong.

It is also noted that most of the five bedroom units in Lake Vista faces an narrow an open field area bound by Corporation Drive, Yuan Ching Road and Tao Ching Road. However, this new record price HDB unit is on a high floor unit and has unblocked view of the Vista which could explain the record transaction price for this HDB unit.

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